Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Love Story.

I think we can all relate to this story... thinking back on past loves or even those what-could-have-beens, remembering how beautiful and charming he or she were. Some times crossing our minds, if time has treaded them well or some times hoping it hasn't. Then out of the blue, the stars align and paths cross, and the unfortunate occurs...

Time has in fact treated them well; they still look great and are just as charming, if not more, than our memories have served us.

This is a similar feeling and encounter I had with my Lemond Poprad this past Saturday. I had relegated this beauty to the pages of Craigslist in order to rid myself of it because I was hard seeing it sitting in the corner day after day as I rode all of my other bikes. It had always been one of my favorite bikes but I was always a bit afraid to leave it sit around when out and about.

But with my legs being completely shot since Tuesday, under the advice of Geoff of either stop riding [a ploy I'm sure only to strengthen his lead] or switch over from the fixie to a geared bike to give my knees a break. It was harder than I'd like to admit to not ride the fixie because I fact I do love riding it, for reasons I can't fully explain. Although after my trip on the Poprad Saturday, it makes parting ways with it even harder. I had forgotten how much paring a steel frame with a carbon front fork and seat post and running 32's instead of 28's [because I refuse to ride anything below a 28 but that's whole other rant for a rainy day] make for such a great ride. And yes, I'll concede the fact that 32's roll a little slower but for a comfortable commute where no one is trying to set records for time; it's hard to argue against them.

Even though, my love for the Poprad was rekindled I am afraid that it was more of a brief reunion than a long term commitment. Only time will tell.


Supposedly spring is supposed to arriving in Michigan any day now, although this week we got another snow/sleet storm and I had to break the ice scraper out of hiding instead of commuting in by bike on Friday. For the most part it was a so so week of riding, but the storm on Thursday made for an interesting ride home. A. Lo and I left the shop a little after 8:00 p.m. and I rode with him to his place where we parted ways. I had decided that despite the precipitation falling from above I could sneak in 10 or 15 extra miles as there was no accumulation, yet. By the time I got to Eastown the roads had a slushy film that was getting a bit slick and I was thankful I had let a little air out of my tires at the shop so I had some traction. After spinning a cold and wet lap around Reeds Lake I took off for home with snow now accumulating not just on the roads and lawns but also on my handlebars. I had to ride extremely cautious threw downtown, but made it home in one piece, wet and shivering but nothing a warm shower didn't take care of. I am constantly amazed at what the right clothing can do. A year ago 40 degrees made me ride the trainer and now with Lake winter boots and a couple layers of clothing I was able to ride in sub 30 degree temps with a wintry mix falling. I am hoping that I will not have to be amazed by my clothings ability to keep me warm this week and that 50 degree temps will actually come to Michigan bringing with them a big week on the bike. Yankee Springs TT is only 20 days away so I gotta get in the miles when I can.


Big Step!

On Friday, my fiance and I took possession of our first house.  She will be living there until June when we get married  and then I will move in if she lets me. . .It is weird to call myself a "homeowner" now.  Punk kids like us could not have done it without the help of my wonderful parents. 

In order to make this a bike related post I will say that there is a section partitioned off in the garage that will fit the workbench that Adam and I built quite nicely! It will be a very busy time with hours increasing at the shop, getting the house ready, planning a wedding, and finishing up this semester at school.  Maybe I will get to go on a bike ride between now and June 13th!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Red Wall Review: Trek Ion 6 Headlight

A few weeks back, I purchased the Trek Ion 6 Headlight as a headlight to serve as a 'too be seen light' but also serve as a light that would provide enough light to at least give me the heads up on potholes or other desirable avoidable obstacles. Ideally, I'd love to get my hands on some thing more along the lines of the Cateye Double or Triple shot but the funds aren't really there for such a purchase and since I'm not a prolific blogger as others, I will do my best not to beg or request freebies.

Sorry, I digress.

The Trek Ion 6 boasts 6 LED's [thus the Ion 6], 75+ run time on 3 AAA batteries, a universal bracket that fits 25.4-31.8 bars and a waterproof design.

The pros:
_ the thing is dang bright. On strobe mode, it light reflects off of signs a good block away, lights the road up enough to know what's coming and let's all the pesky SUV's know of your presence.
_ size, small but delivers a great punch
_ bracket has notched positions that allow for exact and stable positioning regardless of placement on bar.

The cons:
And I must admit from the onset that prior to my ride home on Thursday with Geoff, I really liked this light. I told him that I wanted to do a comparison between the Ion 6 and my Cateye EL-500, which has been my go to light for the last few seasons. Unfortunately after the Thursday ride my opinions on the Ion 6 greatly changed.
_ Trek claims that the light is waterproof, which I might add does not mean water resistant. There is a big difference and on my ride home on Thursday it was a mix of snow/rain, wet roads the light started off great, then began to fade, then was on but did nothing to aid in sight, then shut off completely, only to get the nice tap on the top of the light and it began working again. So either I encountered the 'perfect storm' that makes the Ion 6 faulty or it can't handle much exposer to the bad elements. The light now a day later is still not up to full power.
_ As stated in the pros the bracket is amazing in it's notched positions. Unfortunately, the battery compartment of the light does not hold the batteries extremely snug, thus allowing for a subtle rattling noise. I have also had trouble installing the universal clamp onto a handlebar of the 31.8 flavor.

Final Thoughts:
I'd recommend this light to anyone who is going to ride at night or get caught out in the dark but not when the weather turns for the worse, this light will be very useful and I'm confident will provide sufficient light for you and warning to those around you. I would not recommend the light to the everyday commuters who might get stuck fighting our Mother Nature in those annual Battle Royals.

*If you haven't hit up BikeSnobNYC's post for today, it's a good one.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legs = Dead

Now, I was going to give a nice creative post about the ride today and how I was incredibly horribly [yes two '-ibly's in a row] dressed and also how my legs have been bricks for the last few days. Instead I took this picture...

I'll explain it later, until then what's your best caption for it?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Brian.... via email.

So as what normally happens, Geoff, Brian and I seem to bounce emails around quite a bit depending on the topic. This was one of them, between Brian and myself concerning the ever so smooth 'fixie skid' [Sorry Brian I didn't ask if you'd mind if I post this but it's classic and it made me laugh]

My original email to Brian:

any tips on the fixie skid? i know you can do a quick skid... must learn. tell me.

Yes, I am short and to the point as any email should be. This is Brian's response...

get your weight forward. this is really easily done with bullhorns. to keep the stress off your knees you gotta pull up and push back. spds with shoes NOT SANDALS (dont get me started) are also very helpful. dont be afraid. build up some speed and go for it, get out of the saddle weight forward and lock it up. i can't skid in the saddle. its one of those things that once you do it once it becomes kind of second nature.

by the way you need to find the sweet spot with how much you put your weight forward because if you take to much weight off the back wheel it will kind of hop around on you. not really dangerous just annoying. the last thing i will add is that i have never been in a
sketchy situation because of attempting a skid. i actually feel safer on my fixie because i am in control of the speed and not the brakes.

now go hang out with the local fixie hipsters and challenge someone to a skid contest.

Classic. I'll let you know how it goes on my commute in tomorrow. Too bad I can't take pictures at the same time because I think it'll be some thing interesting to see.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend?

Ok, before I get into this. Let me just admit from the onset that I'm dumb. I made the mistake when I first purchased my Bell Sweep R helmet 2 seasons ago, I cut the excess straps on the helmet a bit short. Actually, only short once my head, we'll say... 'grew'. Yeah, I put on some weight since then, that topped with wearing a skull cap when I'm riding in cooler weather make the straps a bit tighter and often come undone and out of the clamp...

And well, this is what happens over time to those straps, that I've found out can't be replaced. The left is still holding, the right on the other hand is the pain in my side.
After a little playing with fire, I was able to fix the strap but it also meant that I needed to cut the strap a little more but this should serve as a good fix as I decide which helmet to go to...
The Sweep R has been the best helmet that I've ever owned and am not really sure I want to have to replace it but I'm afraid I've only temporary fixed it. It's has performed great, been extremely comfortable and lightweight, never once having any complaint. As of right now, I'm debating between the matte titanium Giro Atmos and a few others, but am open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

Week 2 Update

Well, 2 weeks down... percentages change and we have a new leader...

Geoff put on 262.54 miles on the bike and only 54.9 miles on the car which sprung him into the overall lead with a total of 431.54 miles on the bike and 141.8 miles in the car.

I down shifted a bit on the miles, but no excuses although I've already let a few fly. I put only 37.38 miles on the bike and 31.43 in car. Putting my total at 101.11 miles on the bike and 55.47 on the car.

B. maintained is position with 90.13 miles on the bike and 78 miles on the car. His total is now 217.7 miles on the bike and 178.4 in the car.

the pros show us how to clean our bikes

I  guess it gets the job done quick. . . 

Sunday, March 23, 2008


'Nuff said. excluding my commuting miles I have logged 505.48 miles outside this month. Earlier this month me and B challenged each other to hit 500 miles outside and despite not putting a wager on it I was happy for the motivation to get off the rollers and trainer and outside. Nothing all that exciting ride wise, just some filler miles to get to the 500 mark but it was nice to add my miles up and see that I made it there first.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Geoff's Pictures...

Some of the pictures that were too small...

Blurry... yes. But from a camera phone have you. Gives you a little idea of what he rode through.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What Dilemma?

I woke up to see the same radar map that A.Lo did, only I have lost faith in the weathermen around here and thought there is no way we get a couple inches of snow. On top of that I figured there was no way I was going to drive in and give A.Lo the satisfaction of seeing me wuss out on what could be a mild day. I am not sure mild is the best way to describe today's weather. It started snowing lightly about noon and by 5 O'clock I had several people either offer me a ride or tell me I was crazy to try and ride in what had turned into about 3 inches of snow and slick roads. For a while I doubted myself, but was relieved when I remembered my brand spanking new Gary Fisher Rig sat waiting for its maiden voyage. After swapping my pedals and lights it was time to take to the roads, I was hoping that A.Lo's cell phone pics would work out but they came through a bit small. All in all it wasn't a bad commute the snow in my face was a bit annoying, and at times made seeing difficult but I beat feet for the rail trail and then managed to keep it up right on the rutted ice covered by snow trail until I got close to home where I hooked up with my normal route home and made it home safely. I am not sure I could fully appreciate the new G2 handling of the Rig, but I do love the bike. The debate now is whether or not to do it all over again in the morning or wuss out and drive the car. Hmmm...I better get my clothing dried out.


My Dilemma

This is the radar that I just woke up to. The white stuff, not clouds, yes, you are correct it's snow. also has a 'Snow Advisory' for Kent county.

Now, this wouldn't be an issue if I had the Ferrous built up and at my house. Out of all my bikes here at the house, I don't have any with any knobs on them and being that living in Michigan where rubbing is racing on and off the track, I know that people are going to freak out today once it starts.

It looks as if the snow will start light when I normally leave for my commute when I go in at 10 and then progressively get more and more as my commute home at 6 would start.

Dang it! I've got about 30 minutes before I need to make to decision, we'll see. Any thoughts?

UPDATE: Geoff rode in. It has already begun as a bad day with that fact.

We're on Facebook!


Yep, I had some spare time tonight and instead of working on the layout or a real original post, I made a Facebook group. So join in if you're part of the Facebook world.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Wall Review: Bontrager Inform RL Saddle

Well, I've done a lot of changing as of late when it comes to my bikes. Lots of shifting of parts and the Le Tour is now actually just a frame [it was parted out to build up a fixie for a friend] if you look closely on the picture from the beast you can see the frame that now has all the goods.

Because of this, I got to pull out my very first fixie. Still don't know have a name for her but she does have a special place in my heart. I finally dialed the gear ratio in [with the help of Geoff] to a 39x15 from the 39x17/20 I was running with the Surly Dingle cog on. The 39x15 is basically gear nirvana for me, it fits my natural cadence extremely well.

Since the Brooks has been taken off to go on the Ferrous, and the Brooks B17 is a bit hard to get my hands on as of late, I decided to venture out and purchase the new Bontrager Inform RL 146mm saddle, in white of course. I finally stumbled onto a formula for saddle preference that has given me success with the last few that I've tried. When I purchased the Brooks, I'll admit it was more for the look of it on the bike than knowing if I'd actually like it. I'd heard all the horror stories from them, but in all reality, from the moment I sat on it, it was perfect. No complaints. I couldn't pin point this until these new Bontrager saddles came out which come with a measuring system to help find the proper size.

It measures the sit bones [but the actual part that you sit on for riding is not the same part of the bone but one further in] and from there helps point you to the direction you should go for a new saddle. I found that after taking that test, and comparing the suggested Bontrager saddle to the Brooks they were extremely similar in size. [I'll show in a picture in a later post to better explain this].

With this in mind, I decided to roll the dice on the saddle. Granted the 90 day Comfort Guarantee is what made me finally commit because of the price: $99.99 MSRP for the RL, is a bit high. These seats I must stress aren't for the casual rider or mountain bike rider for that matter, these saddles are built with the road rider in mind. Because with the first leg over the saddle this morning my first response was 'Damn, I'm sitting on a brick' which I might add is the first thing that ran through my head with the Brooks.

Now, given that I only have 14 miles saddle time so far, this review will change. So this is my first impressions. As with any saddle What was needed for me was a little adjustment of the positioning [front to back, not angle for this saddle Bontrager does not suggest changing angle unlike the Specialized, level is good]. There has been no numbness or discomfort while in the saddle, granted there is little jell in it, with a padded short it performs great! I am surprised to be writing this to be perfectly honest because from the get go with this system I've had the 'prove it' attitude with it. So far, I highly recommend this saddle to anyone looking for light [215 grams compared to 250g on the same price point Specialized BG Alias saddle], performance road saddle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Night Time is the Right Time get in a few extra miles. Last night was just one of those nights that I didn't want to get off the bike. Leaving work I was happy to find that my legs finally felt like the lead was out of them and I could pedal my bike again. Figuring on a longer than usual commute I switched my light onto its lowest beam setting and headed out towards Ada and EGR to rack up a little extra saddle time. After riding out to Ada I did the obligitory lap around Reeds Lake where I was greeted by a rain/snow mix, I somehow managed to stay warm and dare I say have fun in the wet and cold conditions including a few miles big ringing it down Lake Dr. catching and passing cars with a big grin on my face. All in all I ended up with a little under 37 miles in about 2 hours for a decent ride. Hopefully I can have more rides like last night and fewer where I end up shivering and miserable like Saturday.


Monday, March 17, 2008

My last few commutes.

That's right folks, what you're seeing is correct. That's my Gee-ant [aka the beast, the little idiot] all done up with the X-tracyle. This is the most I've carried on it, which wasn't much for weight but definitely sweet to carry. A frame, two wheels, a messenger bag and a few other nicknack's. All for a project that will be revealed because of it's not public knowledge quite yet.

This was from my ride last Friday. I had missed this bike, I don't ride it all that often just because I need to have a reason for all the storage. Definitely be used as a grocery getter this summer, and it's ride was the first time that I got to use the Wide Loaders. The bike is remarkably quick given it's size and doesn't really require much for thought on turns although, it's always safe to swing a little wide.

Today, I rode the 1x1 that if you remember isn't much of a 1x1 anymore. The wind played a trick on me today, being at my back on the way and a head wind for the way home. Not really the way I'd like it, since often I'd just like to get home. Plus got my tower buzzed a few more times than usual which got a bit frustrating but so it goes.

Sorry for the delay on the review on the egg beater pedals and I've just decided to do a full review and explanation on the beast for your reading enjoyment this week.

Week 1 Update

Week one is in the books. Here are some visuals to show where we are at Blue = Bike Miles, Red = Car Miles. We are all doing well with riding our bikes more than driving our cars. I'll put this in order as to who is leading the challenge. Remember the winner is based on percentage not total miles.

This is me, A.lo. I've rode 63.73 miles and driven only 24.04 miles.

This is Geoff. He's rode 169 miles and drove 87 miles.

And finally B.Bottke. He rode 127.58 and drove 100.4 miles.

I think we're all gearing up for this week to be any interesting one with the weather not being as pleasant as last week and with Bottke having Spring Break I'm sure he'll be throwing down for not only the regular challenge but also the month challenge to 500 miles between himself and Geoff. Looks like both will be gunning to complete that challenge by weeks end. Too bad no one put up anything besides bragging rights =)


week one is in the books.  car mileage count ended up being pretty high since i attended a funeral about 50 miles away. i guess its more of a reason to log the bike miles.  today the wind and looming clouds/chance of precipitation are threatening push me into lazy mode today.  i am heading out to defy the weather and at least get a 30 miler logged-my bikes already dirty anyways! this is just to meet my mandatory post a week requirement, ill try to put up something worth reading later today. until then. . .

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The title says it all. The race to 500 miles has given me the motivation to get outside and enjoy riding in the chilly March weather. I am kind of a wimp when it is cold, in the past I rarely ventured out the door when the mercury was below 40 and now I am racking up 60 and 70 mile rides in near freezing temps without much of a problem. I am also enjoying the fact we can't count the commuting miles we log as it forces me to extend my commute or accept that I spent 10 to 15 minutes getting into all of my winter clothing and don't get to count any of the miles. My commute Friday was a perfect example of not wanting to get off the bike, after getting out of the shop at about 8:30 I hopped on the bike to head home and cruised along taking a different route than usual. I found a few more hills avoided some potholes and had a great ride, even making it up to Reeds Lake for a nice lap. All in all it was only a 25 mile ride but the extra 15 miles felt great. I have already knocked off 300 miles this month plus another 40ish that only count towards the long term total as they were commuter miles. Hopefully I can stop procrastinating and get myself out the door, I skipped an alleycat race this afternoon to go to my parents for lunch and have been putting off a ride since because I know I should clean my bike before heading out. Oh well its sunny and I may just ride a dirty bike.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Awareness Test.

Geoff just showed me this... I guess it's been around but all I can say is wow, great ad.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 days down.

The car hasn't moved in 3 days and put about 35 or so miles on the bike. Yeah, a low number compared to the other guys but remember, for me, it's about commuting and regular transportation. I'm banking on a high percentage since I have already begun being more careful in my planning of trips. I must be honest though, I moved the devil beast [i.e. the car] a good 12 feet so that it didn't block my roommates ability to park in certain spots at the casa.

Tonight was the first night that I had to bust out the lights and amazing no problems with them or with traffic. I did have a close call though with some black ice. Never encountered it before, only the regular kind =), but with just a simple Cateye EL-500 for a light [which does a great job for the price point but just discovered they don't make anymore when looking for a link...] I never saw it coming. There is one portion of my ride home that is a nice climb. Nothing flashy but one which being that I'm on the Le Tour, I get out of the saddle to climb. About half way up, the front wheel decides to do it's own thing and fly to the left.

Odd. Somehow I was able to save it, I make no great claim as to how it was possible but it worked out.

The last 2 days I've been using an old pair of Bottke's Eggbeater pedals and the first few rides they have been good. Although it's an old set, I think it's still worthy of a review. Watch for it tomorrow!

Monday, March 10, 2008

2008's First Ride.

Well, that's right folks, after much slacking, 69 days worth actually, I finally got on the bike. Even if the challenge wasn't starting today I would have, there is just so much talking, thinking, wrenching on bikes before it pushes you to get off the rear and ride. Ted has another excellent post on commuting today, and like he so often does, once he says some thing it's truth, gospel truth, and unfortunately I believe he proves it once again.

As far as my ride goes, it was great. A simple 11 mile loop of sorts starting at my house, heading downtown then over to eastown for some Yesterdog goodness. Which was well worth it, because it a moment of utter stupidity I forgot to eat while I was packing things up before the ride and so my body decided to remind me that it was in control. Here are a few other things I learned or was reminded of:

- A 52x18 gear ratio on a fixie is nice [Thank you R2 for that, I traded a Xbox for this fixie]... for cruising around on flat surfaces, or at the end of the year when your legs are good not for a first ride with hills.
- Fixies do perform well on/through snow. I am the guy who will often coast when going through some thing sketchy, on a fixie of course this is not possible. But to my delight, the I actually felt as though I had more control when going through stuff, and not my typical bracing for ;impact feeling' I get when I go through things.
- Taking a picture while riding is as dangerous as attempting to text message while driving. My hat goes off to all of you who have perfected the art but I have to ask, how many times have you dropped the camera?

Regardless, it has begun. I'm excited.

2008 No Drive, Just Ride Challenge.

In an attempt to make this look official for the 3 of us, here's what I got, feel free to join us in the challenge although only Geoff, Brian and myself are eligible for the season prize [due simply to the fact that we all know each other]:

The Rules for this years 2008 No Drive, Just Ride Competition are as follow:

1) Ride whenever possible.
2) a. Mileage will be tracked. Each of you will be responsible to sending Adam each Monday this information concerning the prior week: Miles on Bike, Miles driving car alone, & Miles driven with multiple passengers [Figured by taking the miles traveled divided by the number of passengers in vehicle. ] No need to count miles when the passenger. If unsure of distance, please use google maps or, it is critical that we keep track of miles so that we can accurately tell who is the winner
b. Weekly progress will be posted on the blogs right hand sidebar.
3) Although we do not discourage indoor riding, these miles do not count. All miles must take place where the rubber hits the road.
4) Monthly challenges will be impromptu through discussion and smack given the blog/shop. These are more for personal bragging rights and does not need to have a prize
5) Determining the winner: This is based solely on percentage of bike miles vs. car miles, in the event of a tie the rider with the most miles on the bike would be considered the winner.
6) Each rider will contribute at least one post per week to the blog. This can be a simple recap or even a review on product that the rider is using during competition.
7) Competition dates Monday, March 10th, 2008 through Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Prize: The Twin Six Crumpler messenger bag paid for by other riders [cost is split between losing riders], in the event the winner does not want this prize another item will be selected of equal or lesser value by the winner. As stated before, monthly challenges do not need to have prizes although they will not be discouraged if riders want to put up items.

If you agree please send confirmation along with current mileage on your car.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ride Fat Boy Ride

I can't wait for this movie, but here's our version of it...


Should I???

Check out this... Now this what I'm talking about, I'm debating submitting a video but I've got to figure a few things out first. Thoughts?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Kerkove Shot.

On the road today. Headed to St. Louis for Arch Madness, it's the conference basketball tournament for the college I graduated from. My parents are huge supporters and a few close friends come down here each year so I figured it would be a good thing to join in. Although, I must say... I hate my car even more after the drive. If you notice these first few pictures, there is a bit of a homage to Mr. 24. [sorry, I don't do power graphs, I'm slow, and you might notice some thing familiar if you look closely.]

On a great note: Geoff, B, and I are super close to finally revealing our challenge for 2008. Look for it Monday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yep kids you might have noticed the big link for this on the sidebar but that wasn't enough. I'll be here this summer so should you... It's a great event put on by the guys at Last year, looked great and this year I'm sure won't let us down either.


Monday, March 3, 2008


Got out for my maiden voyage of 2008 aboard the systemsix yesterday.  Temps were in the mid-40s and the roads were completely clear, except for this one guy who decided to shovel all of the ice off his driveway into the street.  One thing I was out to find out on this ride is if all those seemingly pointless hours on the rollers over the winter paid off, and they most certainly did. I had a great ride and felt better than ever on a bike.  I was a little pressed for time so I was going to maybe shoot for 15 miles and call it a day.  Once I got out I couldn't stop and ended up logging about 30 miles making it home right before the precipitation began and only making me a half hour late to where I had to go. . .
Of course today we have ice and snow again, but at least we are on the right path towards springtime.  I guess my challenge for the month is to get 500 outdoor miles in regardless of weather and not counting commuting.  I will let you know how far short of that I fall :-)

Back to its resting place atop the rollers hoping for another nice day and maybe a longer ride next time.

Grand Rapids Bicycle Film Festival :: A Review

First and foremost this event was put on by the Western Chapter of the Michigan Mountain Biking Association, the Rapid Wheelmen and the West Michigan Trails & Greenways Coalition. Which was incredibly stellar for the first year of the event, plus it's hard to argue that when you walk in the door you get a Founders beer and the event raised around $1000. All said made for a great Sunday afternoon.

Here is just a short review of the films/previews that were shown during the festival. [in order of appearance.]

Team Rwanda. This is the story of the formation of the Rwandan national bicycling team. This looks to be an amazing story from a country that in 1994 went through a horrible genocide in which they are still healing from. We were told that this film has been put on the shelf as of right now but it sounds like we can all support this great cause by purchasing a calendar from a few local shops in which ALL the money goes to the team. I really hope that a full length film is put together very soon.

Mashers Media Presents: BMX Crashes. This is exactly as the title states, BMX crashes. Granted this is the crashes from BMX racing and not from the freestyle/vert/dirt scene. Although some of the crashes did get a response from the crowd, I guess growing up the the post-Jack@$$ world, unless it's big and painful it's hard to really enjoy. Yes, I've grown numb.

Singletrack Minds. Now this was a personal favorite of the festival. Which is a documentary of Marin county, California and the fight over trails between mountain bikers, hikers, and horse riders. Although approached from the side of the riders, this film does show seem to approach the issue with balance. Overall, it shows how tragic it is when people want what they want and won't work for a middle ground.

Masher Media presents: Tailwinds Cyclocross Series. This was a short film/review of the Tailwinds Cyclocross Series in the Eastern side of Michigan [which did draw playful boo's from the loyal Kisscross riders]. Nothing particularly stood out about this film, although a good highlight film if you were a rider who participated in the event.

24 Solo. This would definitely be the headliner at the film festival. And if there were any doubt, yes, it is still AMAZING! See my thoughts here from when I first watched the film. I highly recommend this film, although I knew the outcome I was still hoping Eatough would pull through.

Intermission... more Founders!

Pedal. A documentary on the lives of NYC Messengers. Now, I think anyone who has a itch they can't always scratch with cycling has somewhere down deep a desire to be a messenger. Most never follow these dreams as we have often made it more of a fairy tale than what the life of a messenger can really be. 'Pedal' shows that, sure, there is still some romanticizing of it but overall this film does a great job in showing the love that these riders have for doing just that, riding. But also what the job really puts them through. I do think it's safe to say that judging by the video, all but about two of the messengers believe that they are the best in New York and when you hear them say it, trust me, I don't know if I'd challenge them.

Masher Media presents: Iceman Bike Race. This was another short highlight film of last years Iceman Cometh race. No Geoff shown in this, although if you were wondering the picture posted of him is from the race, SS category of course, he did good [too bad for the cramps]. This did get me wishing I'd man up and sign up, but that'll have to wait for next year since this years field for the November race is full.

Once again, for the first year of the event it was a great turn out [not enough seats of to hold us all!] and hopefully this marks the beginning of a great event to look forward to in late winter as we all are chomping at the bit to get out and ride!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Plans for the Day

Depending on how long things go at the Hill I'll be riding over... A review to follow.