Thursday, November 1, 2007

$2.99 to $3.19

Day one. LOVED IT! It was nothing unusual, the normal cruise to work. Waking up last night at random times like when I was in junior high excited about a game that was happening the next day. Waking promptly at 7:30am, I was pleasantly surprise by one of my roommates who was up because an alarm of another roommate, Ryan, had gone off and by no surprise Ryan wasn't there. Regardless Joe, who is not only a professional comedian [no joke] is a master of a few traits himself. One of those being the black goodness. Yes coffee.

I was actually able to use a new thermos for it's real use. The thermos I've got my hands on is the one that comes with the Trek Soho, although it is actually available for purchase. It works great with a bottle cage and heck looks sweet to... I high recommend it.

Two other points of interest that happened today...

The first being would probably be my closest call to date with a nice Chevy pick-up. I often take the stance that they will not see me, or do not see me, yet hold to my right to the rode as a cyclist. Especially when riding on sidewalks is illegal in one of the cities I ride in. Yet on my ride home tonight, I was stopped at a stop light, taking my place in the line of traffic. As traffic lights do, this turned green, there were a good 3 to 4 cars ahead of me. Staying behind the car in front of me, Camry have you, I get half way through the intersection and Mr. Chevy truck was in enough of a hurry to pull out, slam on his brakes, as I am a mere 3 feet from his front in. Oh, to have it in me to give him the bird or even better hit the front of his hood with my fist, yet what do it do. Smile and wave, have you it was a dramatic and overdone wave, so give me a little credit.

The second being that gas went from $2.99 to $3.19. There is a gas station across the street from the shop that I work at and being the slow part of the year, sitting back and watching the cars pile up did bring a bit of satisfaction to this little endeavor. I'm also trying to find out if I'll be able to take one of my bikes on the train with me to Chicago this coming week. I know that certain trains have places but Amtrak being Amtrak hasn't been the easiest in finding out.

Speaking of bikes... This is one of my rigs. Now, I know there are some Surly purists out there who will say what I've done is wrong in a number of reasons, and to that I would say I agree. This is my Surly 1x1 but as you have probably noticed, it is not 1x1. That's right kids, it's got an internal 7 on the back, topped with big ol' white walls, and too many headset spacers. The bike has history, I am the 4th owner of this rig and am honored to be on the list. The original owner was the one and only Vance McCaw, followed by Carlos Bucannondale, and then Mr. 24 himself Jeff Kerkove. SIDE BAR: I would like to take a moment right now, to thank Kerkove for selling me the bike and allowing me to take a good 8 months getting the seat post out. THANKS BUDDY!

Is the 1x1 going to remain in it's present form for good? NO, by no means. One day I do dream of sand blasting it, painting it a smooth gray, redecaling it and outfitting it with all the Chris King pink stuff I can or any thing that can serve as a tribute to my mother as she is a breast cancer survivor.

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