Friday, November 2, 2007

it's me!

well it took a bit of emailnagging from adam but i got a profile made so i can contribute to this. i guess i will follow adam's lead and say why i am trying to complete nocarnovember...the main reason is that i don't really like driving. its really stressful to me and the trips to the gas station/oil changes seem to frequent. i also really enjoy riding my bike. it is refreshing, especially on a cold morning, to ride to school or work and kind of be woken up by it. finally, i hope the more time i spend out and about on the roads trying my best to be respectful of everyone will hopefully take away from some of the animosity between cars and cyclists. the roads are pretty big and there are lots of them, we can all use them without childish actions (which i am guilty of myself at times as a cyclist).

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