Thursday, November 15, 2007

the many faces of 'the bottke'

I was attempting to enjoy my lunch break today at work when I was interrupted by a few picture messages on my phone by none other than 'the Bottke'. Yes, some of you may know him has Brian or B, but not today. Today, he is 'the Bottke' and today I will show you the many faces of this monster. So hide the kids, put down your drink. Take a breath.

'The Badass Bottke'

'The Billy Bob Bottke'

'The 'I drive a 15 passenger van with blacked out windows and hang around elementary schools' Bottke'

All in good fun, I warned him so he knew what was going to happen. I believe all of this facial works of art, no masterpieces, was in response to the 'No Shave November'ists out there. In his words 'just say no to no shave November'.

On a more bicycle related note. Today, I got a new handlebar in for my 1x7. It's the handlebar off of the Trek Soho. The Bontrager Satellite Plus Handlebar. It's 650mm wide, has 30mm of rise and as you can see has a fair amount of sweep. I'll take a few more pictures once I've got it set up on my rig.


Cory Grunk said...

He should do the same thing with that back hair :)

Jeff Kerkove said...

Kidnapper Bottke is f'n funny as shit!