Wednesday, November 7, 2007

birthday grace.

So... earlier today I was sitting on the couch enjoying not only a day off but my birthday and got a little cold. I rapped up in a blanket and as what happens, I fell asleep. I passed out for a few hours, totally unexpectedly but I must have been tired. I woke up in a panic. I checked the clock and it was 5:28 and I had to be at Mars Hill for High School stuff, because I help out on Wednesday nights. It takes 12 minutes via to get to Mars from my house and I had to be there by 5:45.

And so you've probably already guessed it, I had to drive. [I'm hanging my head] And so I'm trying not to make excuses but hope that in the spirit of my birthday, I might have a little grace for today.

But two good things did come out of this unfortunate event. One, I listened to the new Jimmy Eat World album 'Chase this Light'... AMAZING! The other was from a project that Students is doing that I'm going to incorporate into this No Drive, Just Ride challenge to help an amazing cause. More details tomorrow.

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