Wednesday, November 7, 2007

nbc goes green.

Ok, a quick rant. This week NBC is going 'green'. Which is awesome and great, which is a unique way to raise awareness and get people thinking about what effect the way they live effects everything around them. And before I go into this rant, I must preface it and say that I do believe that Global Warming is happening, that it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously not only for ourselves but for those that come after us.

With that said. The trend of 'green' campaigns often frustrate me to no end. With things like the Live8 concert a few years ago, to the concert series that Al Gore put on, to 'Green Week' on NBC... all put on to raise awareness. Which is good. Yet what is often forgotten or simply overlooked is the cost. I mean, there is the cost of putting such a event, but then there is THE cost. Take for instance, this Green Week on NBC. I was watching the Today show, in which they sent 3 of there news persons around the world to report on climate change. One to Greenland, one to the equator, one to Antarctica. Sounds good. Yet, it dawned on me how did they get them there... exactly, they flew them and most will tell you flying puts out a huge number of CO2 emissions. Regardless on if they used carbon offsets to offset their flights, I have to ask, was that worth the cost? Also, I find it rather interesting when a television channel has a 'green' week, but by watching TV aren't we then using energy? Energy that must come from somewhere... Coal? Oil? Somewhere. It is a terrible cycle.

I recently saw a film that gave an amazing perspective on our overuse and abuse of the world... Check out the trailer...

'If I said said this a terrible thing we are doing the planet. Then people will either agree or disagree. By not saying what you should see, that may allow them to see their world a little differently' _ Edward Burtynsky

Global Warming I believe will always be disputed in some form or fashion. The thing I don't think anyone can argue is that our consumption, our lifestyles, our need for more more more, is destroying the earth. Do I have an answer or solution to how to solve this problem? No. But until we stop just talking about how things are bad, stop raising awareness, stop using carbon offsets and start really living differently, thinking differently will things really begin to shift.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

NBC goes green....but today they just cut down a huge ass tree in CT for the Rockafeller Center x-mas tree. Doh!