Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Veloship, velo ship...

Now yesterday was an interesting day... I started out the day by calling in sick to the shop and by the middle of the day finding out that the one and only BikesnobNYC linked up No Drive and the Veloship crew and pointed out some thing quite interesting...

Words can always have different meanings to the person reading them, especially in the case of 'creating' new terminology such as 'veloship'.

Case in point [made by Bikesnob]... velo shipping or the velo ship?
I actually think that all that he is correct when he says:

'I have a feeling that the "velo ship" conversion is going to become the next big thing. Forget horizontal dropouts and fixed cogs; soon it's going to be all about the pontoons. Not only will this come in handy for flooding, but it will also mean that you won't have to use any of the bridges; instead, you can just ford the East River wherever you feel like it.'

The only thing I might disagree with him is that forgetting about 'horizontal dropouts and fixed cogs'. Why not merging of these two niche cycling genres, the fixed gear and pontoon bike. Just step back and image what all the hypsters will do [if it catches on have you] for gearing and the incorporation of the fixie tricks... I could see it becoming show of epically long skid competitions and tricks that are similar to a gymnast on a pommel horse. Granted there would be a pretty big uphill battle in getting a hypster to gain the upper body strength to have to ability to perform such an act. But one can always hope.

All in good fun though... I did stumble onto this video for a movie called Veer, that's been played at a few Bicycle Film Festivals around the US and from just the preview, I think it really shows what 'veloship' can be and is to a lot of people whether they call it that or not.

On the Veer website, it says:

'Veer explores America’s fast-growing bicycling culture by profiling five people whose lives are inextricably tied to bicycling and the bike-centric social groups they belong to. The film follows these characters over the course of a year, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their personal struggles and triumphs. Veer examines what it means to be part of a community, and how social movements are formed.'

Sounds like the heart of Veloship to me.

On a side note, Wes and Veloship crew are unaware of this as of right now but I've begun drawing up a few designs for potential Veloship/No Drive shirts [I told you I had other designs up my sleeve]. Just an idea right now and I'm sure Wes will have thoughts but you've always got to get the ball started somewhere.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New/Old Rig

Almost 2 months ago, Bottke and I attempted to do some thing big. Real big. We both knew what it was but didn't KNOW how big it was. I believe I can say this for the both of us that our training was... errr... sub-par. We both took seriously what the bikes we were riding had to be able to handle and we both took similar yet different approaches to the set up during the ride.

For how much I loved riding my crossbike, I needed a break from it and took just that. Instead I just got distracted on other bike projects and riding Red. It's been good but over the last two weeks I started working on it. Take it down to frame and cleaning off all the Iowa dust and transforming it back into what looks closer to what it is, a cross bike. But! Since I can never do some thing straightforward, with a twist.

A little timeline of sorts for your Friday...

Shortly after getting the bike, swapped seat and handlebar tape out immediately

I didn't dig the tan bartape and switched it out pretty quickly to
the Salsa dark brown
tape and changed the Velocity cages to brown from blue

When TransIowa got closer, setup changed to the WTB mountain dropbar
giving the bike a 'special' look

To it's newest form. I switch out the stem for a white Kore 100mm 6 degree stem,
white Kore cantilever brakes, new 105 crank set up 1x9 with Salsa 40T chainring with Salsa Crossing Guard, Salsa blue skewers and lip lock [still waiting for that]

Changed out the front brake lever but I'll have to admit I'm a bit jealous of Carls set up
[which I used as reference] and never thought I'd admit to being envious of Campy.
Looking for a 105 9 speed shifter. Anyone? Anyone?

The crank!

I have one more change to be made but that will come before this years Kisscross season starts up. You might have noticed I'm currently running 700x25 Conti Gatorskins on the cross bike. Sure, it looks a bit strange but for now, it's a road bike with a lot of tire clearance.

Until next time, enjoy the weekend! Get out and ride!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sites and such.

Well, Veloship has now launched a blog of it's own... all I can say is they already have a better header and I'm totally digging the photos on the site. But remember, I tend to only really dig into a site if there are pictures that go along with it. I'll blame the ADD, err, yeah.

Oh, flashy light!

On that note a few sites, links and products that have caught my eye of late, most of which are pretty self explanatory [click on the picture of course!]:

Monday, June 22, 2009

The manifesto T lives!

Now, Ol' Blue has been traveling a bit as of late and his latest travels took him south with the Jackal and the rest of the gang... During my normal web surfing and a reminder email from Carl [the Jackal] himself, I was pleased to see something in one of the photos...

That's right, Carl, on the left, is sporting the first NDJR t-shirt! HOLLA! There are only 20 of the manifesto shirts in existence and it's always good to see them being rocked!

This would be a great time to let everyone know that more shirts are planned. More designs have been made, along with a little help from these guys, I'm just waiting for a few things to come together before we release the next shirt. So be on the look out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009



noun, verb, Wes-ism, -shipped or -shiped, -shipping or -shiping

1. the condition or relation of being a fellow velo: the fellowship of cyclists.
2. friendly relationship; companionship: the fellowship between riders.
3. community of interest, feeling, etc.
4. communion, as between members of the same bicycle gang.

5. an association of persons having similar tastes, interests, etc. in cycling
6. a company, guild, or corporation.

–verb (used with object)
7. to admit to fellowship, esp. bicycling fellowship.
–verb (used without object)
8. to join in fellowship, esp. bicycling fellowship.

- Wes-ism
The fellowship of the bicycle. Basically what it comes down to is fellowship on bikes. You
ride with someone and talk about life, God, whatever... And that's what I'll be doing for
the rest of my life.

1. velo-radeship, cyclo-camaraderie, friendcycle, velo-society, intimacy.

* This came from a good friend and brother in the west coast bicycling Meca of Portland, Wes Pelto. I'm sure BikesnobNYC will love the knuckle tats! I don't know if I'll follow with knuckle tats of my own but I sure do buy into what he's throwing down!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday DAY Ride

Because Jesus would do it.

Well, if you didn't know Founders has kind of a big thing going on this Saturday and so to keep it interesting I figured this might be some thing different to do the following day...

Here's the plan....

3PM Meet/Leave at my house : 648 Burns St. SW

Ride to Woodland Mall and hit up the 4PM showing of 'Earth' and then riding home...

Here's what you need:

_ a bike
_ a lock
_ $3.50

As always... questions... ask.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wanted: DOA

Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Now, before we jump to the assumption that said Black Bird deserves such a penalty one should expound on why such a sentence is valid. Back tracking to this past Friday night, Adam Lorenz worked his normal 12-8 shift at the shop and then was told by his roommate to meet him downtown to watch the Detroit Red Wings game. Since the game started around 8, he was already running late and decided to take his new bike out for another spin. The ride downtown is a simple trip that takes Mr. Lorenz down an access road along the 131 highway [as seen on the map below, the road being called 'Century Ave SW']
As he went under Franklin St SW and entered the final stretch on the road, he passed the only building on the eastern side of the road [as marked with the Red X on the map], when he heard a crow making 'it's normal crow call'. Mr. Lorenz then felt a slight tap on his hat, which he did not considered until he looked over his head and saw said Black Bird flying close over head. Seeing this he rode swiftly out of the area. On the return home later that night, there was no incident.

As Mr. Lorenz said in his sworn statement 'I really didn't think much of it until then next day when I was riding down to meet up for the Saturday night ride. My route to Founders takes me along this same path and what do you know, the black bird made another appearance.' This time hitting his head a bit harder than the previous attack. After this he took off as it appeared the bird was preparing for another 'dive bomb type of attack'. As Mr. Lorenz rode home after the group ride, he states that was much more aware of the birds presence and saw it perched on top of the building mentioned before. As soon as the bird saw saw Mr. Lorenz, he watched it descend down towards him, to which he promptly road out of the area.

If this bird is seen, be aware that it appears to be a creature full of hate for fellow mammals with opposable thumbs and the ability to ride 2 wheeled vehicles. Approach with caution, it is not armed but is able and willing to use force.

* Please note: portrait above was an artists rendering and riders should be on the look out for a Red tipped
BLACK bird [not albino as the picture might lead one believe]

* Please also note: NDJR does not condone or support violence against our feathered friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday Night Ride: The Return

Sorry for the short notice, I was trying to get a Facebook event to send out invites for the last two days but for some reason it's not sending them even after multiple attempts... So if you're down, let me know hopefully the rain will hold off but it's back to the normal schedule for the Saturday rides...

I'll be showing up at Founders around 5:30p. Getting some food and drink, then we'll be heading out at 6:30p and cruising around I'm thinking about a Westside route but nothing is finalized. Hope to see you out there!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Check this beast out!

Before we go any further, today's can be fully enjoyed by turning your speakers up [to 11 if yours can handle it] and pressing play below...

Oh yeah! You feel it? I know you do... and for that very reason it gives me great pleasure to present to you the completed Night Monkey project...

Here's what it's outfitted with:

_Frame: Surly Karate Monkey
_ Wheels: Salsa Delgado rims, Front hub: Shimano 600 32H, Rear hub: Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal with drum brake 36H. Built up using DT Competition 2.0 to 1.8 spokes, Tires: WTB Nano Raptors
_ Crank: Race Face Dues XC 175mm with a Rocket 32T chain ring, Crank Brothers Mallet pedals
_ Seat/Seatpost: Honey Brown Brooks B17, Thomson Elite 400mm 27.2
_ Stem/Handlebar: Thomson Elite, 25.4 mustache bar, Salsa bar tape

Now a top view... Can you tell anything that might be problematic with the set-up I'm running?

I highlighted it below so you can see my shifter cable line...
I'm running a teflon coated cable but am only really concerned with the sharp turn right as it hooks up with the hub... But so far it shifts fine with this cable routing...

There are two things that might end up changing as I get some ride time on the bike. One of them might be the front brake to a canti or switch out the brake levers to something that has a bit more 'spring' in it. I'm also considering playing around with a true barend shifter and running it friction and seeing how it goes.

But for now, it's time to put some miles on this beast!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend thoughts.

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Saturday was a mad house at work [a great thing to have but definitely takes the wind out of your sail to say the least] but I was basically running on no sleep and come closing time I was out of it. The idea of an impromptu Saturday Night Ride sounded great but my legs probably would have had nothing to do with it.

Today was definitely a lazy Sunday, but I did make some headway on the Surly 'Night Monkey' project...

I got the handlebars dialed in for now. As you can see I'm rocking the mustache bars which I have been extremely thrilled about doing so, that is until Friday. Friday, I got a hold of the Nexus 7 speed grip shifter I was intending on running with the 7 speed internal. Upon attempting to install it, I found that the mustache bar would have nothing to do with such a shifter. The plan was to set the grip shift on the end of the bar so not to take up much of the usable bar space. I was able to get the clamp to expand to fit the bar but then the interior plastic of the grip shift was interfering. Like any custom project... submission will be mine! Well, let's just say, a hammer and block of wood will break plastic very easily. Not to mention have the ability to break pinkie nails when ones hand slips [I will save you from further explanation on that]. That's why you see the trigger shifter in the picture now. Mounted in the place I wanted to grip shifter to be, but for now I will see how this works before jumping to any other methods.

So I've got the bike nearly complete... all the housing is cut, all that needs to be done now is running and dialing in the shifter and brake cables, which should be tomorrow since I forgot to grab those Saturday from the shop. It's exciting to say the least.

In other news, a little over a year ago I discovered a web-show called 'The Bicyclist'. I've been keeping up with it since then and still highly recommend checking it out. For the last few months they have been taking a break from the webisodes and putting together a full length movie... called 'The Bicyclists'

'Boy meets girl'

'Boy gets the girl'

'Boy loses the girl'

'Boy get's the girl back.'

'A love story on wheels. If it were that simple.'

Brilliant! Now I just have to figure out how to either get my hands on a copy of it or get it to be played in Grand Rapids.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Please kick me...

... if I ever become like this guy:

Tom Mosher Bike Check - Volume Bikes/Skitch Clothing from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.

Seriously, just run up to me and kick the boys as hard as you can because there is no reason for me to have any part in bringing another person into this world if I ever become like this guy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T-minus 1 week...

Project 'Night Monkey' is coming along well. Over the course of my days off I have been able to get both the wheels laced up and also got Shimano to send me some parts of the 7 speed internal hub that I'll be running so it's looking like a completion date of some time next week is in the works for this beast. I'm sure I'll add a few things to it as I get some ride time on, maybe some fenders of some favor [any suggestions?] or switching out the tires from the 29x2.1 Nano Raptors that I've got on their now. But we'll have to wait and see.

Sorry I haven't had much content as of late and more pictures but haven't had a much to rant or rave about, but here are some pictures of the Monkey...

That's right, rocking the mustache bars, only one side wrapped right now as I wait to find a
7 speed internal shifter [probably of the grip shift variety, which will be mounted 'differently' unless someone knows of a way to make a 7 speed barend shifter work]

The rear wheel, I laced this up today with very little issue as opposed to the front.

Both wheels are laced up on Salsa Delgados, the front is a 32H machined side wall and the rear is 36H disc specific that I'll be running a drum brake on. The front was interesting to lace in that I ended up getting to lace it twice because I entered the wrong measurements into the spoke calculator. It's amazing what 5mm long will do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a great Monday night ride...

Tom and I decided to go for a good ride today, I must say it was exactly what the doctor ordered... a little over 20 miles on the fixie, great weather, little traffic... maybe one of the best rides so far this year...

A few pictures for you from the ride...

Prepping the bikes before we headed out...

Downtown GR... No traffic, great sunset

Had to walk the bikes for a few block because of road construction...

Tom like 'epic' bike photos...

Here's the route...