Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T-minus 1 week...

Project 'Night Monkey' is coming along well. Over the course of my days off I have been able to get both the wheels laced up and also got Shimano to send me some parts of the 7 speed internal hub that I'll be running so it's looking like a completion date of some time next week is in the works for this beast. I'm sure I'll add a few things to it as I get some ride time on, maybe some fenders of some favor [any suggestions?] or switching out the tires from the 29x2.1 Nano Raptors that I've got on their now. But we'll have to wait and see.

Sorry I haven't had much content as of late and more pictures but haven't had a much to rant or rave about, but here are some pictures of the Monkey...

That's right, rocking the mustache bars, only one side wrapped right now as I wait to find a
7 speed internal shifter [probably of the grip shift variety, which will be mounted 'differently' unless someone knows of a way to make a 7 speed barend shifter work]

The rear wheel, I laced this up today with very little issue as opposed to the front.

Both wheels are laced up on Salsa Delgados, the front is a 32H machined side wall and the rear is 36H disc specific that I'll be running a drum brake on. The front was interesting to lace in that I ended up getting to lace it twice because I entered the wrong measurements into the spoke calculator. It's amazing what 5mm long will do.

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