Monday, June 22, 2009

The manifesto T lives!

Now, Ol' Blue has been traveling a bit as of late and his latest travels took him south with the Jackal and the rest of the gang... During my normal web surfing and a reminder email from Carl [the Jackal] himself, I was pleased to see something in one of the photos...

That's right, Carl, on the left, is sporting the first NDJR t-shirt! HOLLA! There are only 20 of the manifesto shirts in existence and it's always good to see them being rocked!

This would be a great time to let everyone know that more shirts are planned. More designs have been made, along with a little help from these guys, I'm just waiting for a few things to come together before we release the next shirt. So be on the look out!

1 comment:

Carl Buchanan said...

I love the shirt. It's great design and the manifesto is fantastic. Maybe I'll make it my traveling shirt to see the country.