Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend thoughts.

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Saturday was a mad house at work [a great thing to have but definitely takes the wind out of your sail to say the least] but I was basically running on no sleep and come closing time I was out of it. The idea of an impromptu Saturday Night Ride sounded great but my legs probably would have had nothing to do with it.

Today was definitely a lazy Sunday, but I did make some headway on the Surly 'Night Monkey' project...

I got the handlebars dialed in for now. As you can see I'm rocking the mustache bars which I have been extremely thrilled about doing so, that is until Friday. Friday, I got a hold of the Nexus 7 speed grip shifter I was intending on running with the 7 speed internal. Upon attempting to install it, I found that the mustache bar would have nothing to do with such a shifter. The plan was to set the grip shift on the end of the bar so not to take up much of the usable bar space. I was able to get the clamp to expand to fit the bar but then the interior plastic of the grip shift was interfering. Like any custom project... submission will be mine! Well, let's just say, a hammer and block of wood will break plastic very easily. Not to mention have the ability to break pinkie nails when ones hand slips [I will save you from further explanation on that]. That's why you see the trigger shifter in the picture now. Mounted in the place I wanted to grip shifter to be, but for now I will see how this works before jumping to any other methods.

So I've got the bike nearly complete... all the housing is cut, all that needs to be done now is running and dialing in the shifter and brake cables, which should be tomorrow since I forgot to grab those Saturday from the shop. It's exciting to say the least.

In other news, a little over a year ago I discovered a web-show called 'The Bicyclist'. I've been keeping up with it since then and still highly recommend checking it out. For the last few months they have been taking a break from the webisodes and putting together a full length movie... called 'The Bicyclists'

'Boy meets girl'

'Boy gets the girl'

'Boy loses the girl'

'Boy get's the girl back.'

'A love story on wheels. If it were that simple.'

Brilliant! Now I just have to figure out how to either get my hands on a copy of it or get it to be played in Grand Rapids.


Ryan said...

Someone makes an adapter to fit in the end of the bars for that gripshifter, Thanks for trying it though, now I don't have to later!

The Bicyclist said...

I am the writer/director of The Bicyclists and thought you might like to know that you can watch The Bicyclists - the movie - streaming online for free at

enter the code: bikechain

and your good to go.

thanks, Carl Jameson