Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a.lo's daily commute

Here's my daily route. Nothing flashy by any means, just a tad over 5 miles. there is really only one hill to speak of, and that only comes into play on the return trip. I'm extremely excited to get this going although, today I have come down with a nasty head cold and constant dizziness. But if you read the rules: no excuses. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and ready for the ride in.

Hoping in the next few days to highly the rigs that I'll be riding through out the month, there are five of them: a fixie, a 1x7, a beast, a cycle cross and a single speed monkey. And yes that is what I call them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what's this all about?

What's up all? Greetings from America's high five!

First off, welcome and thanks for visiting this little blog of ours. I'm sure most of you might be wondering what or why we created this site. To that I say, for the hell of it. But seriously, the whole idea came from Brian, when he sent a random text message to me a few weeks ago, challenging me to a 'no drive November'. Simply that. Of course, it sounded appealing and I was intrigued by that thought of giving up driving [since for the last few months I've toyed around with the idea of getting rid of my car all together to force myself to really get out there and live my convictions].

From my attempts in the past Novembers [since November is a great month to but 'NO' in front of... like the 'No Shave November'] have always failed very early because I often flew solo on them. I knew for this to work, I needed someone with the same passion, the same conviction to hold the other accountable to the commitment. Bottke was that man, and with my continual day dreaming, I knew another way was to post it for all the world to read.

What is real purpose of this? I mean anyone can ride their bike for a month straight, and many do. I speak for myself and hopefully Brian will start to post and share his thoughts on it. For me, I need a challenge. I need to prove to myself that I can do this. So it's part physical, part emotional, and I'd go even to the extreme and say spiritual. And through the course of the next month, the post will mainly be, I'm sure, a simple correspondence between myself and Brian, but also reflections. Points of humor. Whatever this little journey might take us on.

So calls us out on this. If you see us in the next month and we're not on a bike, challenge us. Encourage us, and if you're up for it join us and tell your story.