Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Use your bike as a weapon...

That's right folks... not only use your bike for recreation or exercise, use it as a weapon. No need for a U-lock throw down anymore...

Just some food for thought before the New Year...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Claiming the lane

Definitely one way to reclaim the lane... and I'm strangely okay with it.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Part of the gig at Velocity is being what I'll call, their resident blogger. Yeah, surprising? Me, the king of run on sentences, with all sorts of horrible grammatical errors and humor that I'm sure isn't for everyone, if it's funny at all. I've definitely grown to have a new found respect for the big time bloggers out there who write not only for themselves but for any number of different online resources or real magazines and still stay fresh.

I guess, I'm learning the balance and really can't complain, it's really awesome.

The Velocity blog will be updated daily during the week and be on the look out for some pretty sweet things we have in store for it. I'm hoping to get the other guys fired up about contributing more to No Drive and seeing where things might lead. For now, I'm doing what I can.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holy Socks...

Yes. Holy socks. But before we get into that completely, while back in Iowa few weeks ago, I had the privilege of riding with a old co-worker and friend, Mark or otherwise known as the infamous G-Ted. Who is still by far one of the most enjoyable people to talk shop with, and his insight into cycling is gospel. As I posted on the ol' Twitter, the ride was a countdown of sorts... '4- people started 3- people finished 2- mechanicals 1-great ride.'

All of which was mentioned by Ted in his post about the ride, but what has had me really thinking was watching him fix his flat. He was outfitted with all the proper gear: pump, tube, levers, etc. What stood out was when he pulled out his spare tube, it was in an old cycling sock. Which both David and myself kind of chuckled at, to which Mark responded with...

' It reduces chaffing'

Like I said, Ted's insight is gospel but for the last few weeks I've wondered. Really? Did it matter? It's just a tube. But chaffing is no ones friend regardless of where it's happening. Of course the sock keeps the tube from potential punctures from tools, finds a use for those odd ball socks that, if you're like me, I can never let go of, and heck, it looks pretty sweet too...

I just so happened to have worn through one of my Surly wool socks recently, and didn't know what to do with it, so I decided few things...

One: it was never 'right' to wear holey socks, even if you're going to church.

Two: Washing the remaining sock is a must but works great. I shall call it a 'Tube Sock'
[sure, it's on the outside of my seatbag, but that's where it gets rocked]

Three: Saving the elastic side can be used for a cell phone, digital camera or iPod sleeve
AND it gives me even more hipster street-cred with a one of a kind Surly sleeve.