Friday, November 9, 2007

week one

well, i have survived a week being car-less and i must say it isn't that bad. i did have one 10 mile trip to make to get some paint for my parents, but the ladyfriend drove i just rode along. speaking of which, if any local readers see my vehicle out and about and think i am a lying schmuck, look closer and you will notice the driver is someone much better looking than me. girlfriends heater is broken so she's been driving mine while we figure out getting her rolling icebox fixed.

i noticed adam had posted about the nbc green week, which spurred me to want to chip in as well. i agree with adam that it is somewhat counter productive to sit around watching tv thinking that since its green week you are making the world better. i will say though that the information has to get around somehow if people want things to change. so maybe it is a necessary evil? it is somewhat frustrating that doing the right thing has to also be made the cool thing, and because some television program decides to dedicate time to it or certain celeberties fight for these good causes they gain validity. i overheard someone on the today show the other day say that 18% of our greenhouse gases come from meat production and if we all cut back on the amount of meat we consume (he suggested abstaining for one day) that would be quite effective. i figured this out in high school, and for that and some other reasons became a vegetarian for a little over a year. i was ridiculed quite a bit for it, and still am now that i am back at it. i guess it is just sad that individual decisions and conscience are not really given respect, but some dude you have never met can mandate something on a news/talk show and viola people are talking about it or maybe even trying it. its okay guys there is more to eat than just salads!

the same thing happens to me on my bike. im just out trying to do something for myself and i guess for the world around me as well, and people feel it is necessary to call me names tell me to get on the sidewalk etc. i guess next time i get yelled at maybe my reply will simply be "nbc told me to do it"

thats all for now. once i get through todays school stuff hopefully the posts will start coming a little more. maybe i will have adam show me how to put pictures on here so my posts are more than just a bunch of lower-case letters.

thanks for reading

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