Friday, November 2, 2007

ahhh crap.

So Fridays are typically my day to come in late to the shop. Awesome! Well, not so much today. Waking up for the 3rd day sick, you know the type when it feels like someone decided to run over your head a few times and then clog your nose and throw sand in your mouth. Yeah, that's me today. But I'm not going to allow it to keep me from my bike.

To make things more interesting, if you look closely the temperature gauge at my house is reading about 26 degrees! This is why I love Michigan, and oh that was taken at 9:30am. It gonna be a chilly one, but I'm taking in the the fixie today, I'll post a picture and whatnot tonight... If you haven't noticed, my pictures aren't what you want to call high quality that's because they are coming from my handy cell phone camera, gotta love technology!

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