Friday, November 9, 2007

2 much wool 2 much

Which reminds me of the classic, yes classic M.C. Hammer song '2 Legit 2 Quit' and if you're anything like me that then takes you back to the days of roller rings and hand motions. Man! Those weren't the days!

Now today on my daily commute, it's getting a bit chilly and so I've been forced to dig through my closet and find all my cold weather gear [which I might admit I don't have much of]. So as with anything layers are the key, and today I layered. Layered a bit too much. Now, there is some incredible wool jackets and jerseys out there. Two of them being what I sported today. After my base layer, which is simply a knockoff under-armor, I put on my 100% Merino Wool Surly Jersey. Soft, warm and black. I topped it off with the new Wool Jacket offered by Fisher. It is more of just a full zip jersey than official jacket but for some reason anything that zips all the way down is a jacket in my mind. I topped all of this off with my North Face inner shell.

And yes, I can say warm. Almost too warm. Along with my booties [a must if you ask me for foot nirvana] I was toasty in all the right places. I did debate on putting my Salsa lobster gloves but stuck with some simple light weight full finger that do the job for now. After arriving at the shop, I was sweating a bit too much for my liking, yes I'm not the smallest in the bunch and like any bigger built men too much sweat can be like a.... well, bad.

So what did I learn today. Layers, good. Too many layers, bad. And by the way, does anyone else miss the the Salsa Long Sleeve Classico Wool Jerseys? I wasn't able to get my hands on one before they stopped making them. Still frustrated by that.

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