Monday, November 12, 2007

One of those days

Today, I didn't want to get up out of bed. It was a struggle to say the least. With my dragging of feet, I was running behind schedule and didn't want to ride in. I mean, I really did not want to ride. I don't know if you're anything like me that the whole process leading up to riding just really takes a lot of out me. It's what has too often kept me from riding, which is really odd because as soon as I am on the bike it just puts me in a mood that I can't explain. Bliss? Maybe. All I know that's it's good.

Fortunately, today I did not take the easy way out. I rode. Going down to my basement I didn't know what bike I wanted to ride, the fixie just wasn't drawing me like I normally did. And so I grabbed the Monkey. No, not that monkey. I pumped up the tires and before you know it I was on the road. Almost immediately, I realized some thing was not right. My seat height was all sorts of jacked up, which, given that I haven't rode it in a while I can't be for sure to if I was that far off or if someone else rode it but if I had to make of a list of possible people who rode my bike it would be him, him, him and him. The last two are real possibilities, serious. After fixing the seat height, I made pretty good time given that the Monkey is a single speed and is also has a bit more rubber. Once arriving at the shop, I really got the seat height dialed in which of course made the ride home great.

I do have some thing special to unveil here soon, I've been trying to get all the proper information to be able to do it justice but let's just say I am excited about adding this additional incentive to this months challenge.

I've also decided to possibly part ways with the Karate Monkey and possibly get my hands on this. I've posted it over on the Jackal's sales blog. I've decided to offer it in different options. Complete Bike $1500.00 OBO, Frame and fork $500.00, or Frame $400.00. Questions? Want more pictures or details? Email me at

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