Monday, November 26, 2007


Twin Six. Those of you who don't already know, but Twin Six is amazing to say the least. And well, today I got a few things at the shop. The speedy hat and bike nerd bottle, there is so much of their gear that I'd love to have but the funds don't really allow for it. Like this, this, this, this... yeah I could go on. It's sweet stuff and I highly recommend it.

On more of an update of the no drive month, the last few weeks have been difficult because of my schedule and to be honest laziness. Although, I did end up trading for the Schwinn Fixie. It's sweet, and I outfitted it with fenders. Brian and I have been trading a few text messages today and we're coming up with the new challenge for December. More to follow soon... in addition I've got word that I have a new digital camera coming my way. WERD! Holla for clearer pictures!

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devin said...

I love the 6 can't get enough...
I like the rules only drive to get the boy to daycare to cold for the burley... Cordless space heater... Keep up the good work..