Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Brian.... via email.

So as what normally happens, Geoff, Brian and I seem to bounce emails around quite a bit depending on the topic. This was one of them, between Brian and myself concerning the ever so smooth 'fixie skid' [Sorry Brian I didn't ask if you'd mind if I post this but it's classic and it made me laugh]

My original email to Brian:

any tips on the fixie skid? i know you can do a quick skid... must learn. tell me.

Yes, I am short and to the point as any email should be. This is Brian's response...

get your weight forward. this is really easily done with bullhorns. to keep the stress off your knees you gotta pull up and push back. spds with shoes NOT SANDALS (dont get me started) are also very helpful. dont be afraid. build up some speed and go for it, get out of the saddle weight forward and lock it up. i can't skid in the saddle. its one of those things that once you do it once it becomes kind of second nature.

by the way you need to find the sweet spot with how much you put your weight forward because if you take to much weight off the back wheel it will kind of hop around on you. not really dangerous just annoying. the last thing i will add is that i have never been in a
sketchy situation because of attempting a skid. i actually feel safer on my fixie because i am in control of the speed and not the brakes.

now go hang out with the local fixie hipsters and challenge someone to a skid contest.

Classic. I'll let you know how it goes on my commute in tomorrow. Too bad I can't take pictures at the same time because I think it'll be some thing interesting to see.


bluecolnago said...

skid contest.... oh yeah!

a.lo said...

So yeah, my legs are pretty much shot right now... barely muster up the strength to slow the bike normally. Maybe tomorrow.

b said...

it would be really easy to skid today its blizzarding out. if i don't move to the sun before 3 oclock i might ride the fixie to work to make things interesting!

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