Sunday, March 16, 2008


The title says it all. The race to 500 miles has given me the motivation to get outside and enjoy riding in the chilly March weather. I am kind of a wimp when it is cold, in the past I rarely ventured out the door when the mercury was below 40 and now I am racking up 60 and 70 mile rides in near freezing temps without much of a problem. I am also enjoying the fact we can't count the commuting miles we log as it forces me to extend my commute or accept that I spent 10 to 15 minutes getting into all of my winter clothing and don't get to count any of the miles. My commute Friday was a perfect example of not wanting to get off the bike, after getting out of the shop at about 8:30 I hopped on the bike to head home and cruised along taking a different route than usual. I found a few more hills avoided some potholes and had a great ride, even making it up to Reeds Lake for a nice lap. All in all it was only a 25 mile ride but the extra 15 miles felt great. I have already knocked off 300 miles this month plus another 40ish that only count towards the long term total as they were commuter miles. Hopefully I can stop procrastinating and get myself out the door, I skipped an alleycat race this afternoon to go to my parents for lunch and have been putting off a ride since because I know I should clean my bike before heading out. Oh well its sunny and I may just ride a dirty bike.



a.lo said...

Dang you skipped the alley cat... I never ended up showing up afterwards. I needed a nap.

b said...

youve got me by about 100 miles right now. im hoping to log some serious mileage this week since its spring break for me. we will see.