Monday, March 17, 2008

My last few commutes.

That's right folks, what you're seeing is correct. That's my Gee-ant [aka the beast, the little idiot] all done up with the X-tracyle. This is the most I've carried on it, which wasn't much for weight but definitely sweet to carry. A frame, two wheels, a messenger bag and a few other nicknack's. All for a project that will be revealed because of it's not public knowledge quite yet.

This was from my ride last Friday. I had missed this bike, I don't ride it all that often just because I need to have a reason for all the storage. Definitely be used as a grocery getter this summer, and it's ride was the first time that I got to use the Wide Loaders. The bike is remarkably quick given it's size and doesn't really require much for thought on turns although, it's always safe to swing a little wide.

Today, I rode the 1x1 that if you remember isn't much of a 1x1 anymore. The wind played a trick on me today, being at my back on the way and a head wind for the way home. Not really the way I'd like it, since often I'd just like to get home. Plus got my tower buzzed a few more times than usual which got a bit frustrating but so it goes.

Sorry for the delay on the review on the egg beater pedals and I've just decided to do a full review and explanation on the beast for your reading enjoyment this week.

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