Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 1 Update

Week one is in the books. Here are some visuals to show where we are at Blue = Bike Miles, Red = Car Miles. We are all doing well with riding our bikes more than driving our cars. I'll put this in order as to who is leading the challenge. Remember the winner is based on percentage not total miles.

This is me, A.lo. I've rode 63.73 miles and driven only 24.04 miles.

This is Geoff. He's rode 169 miles and drove 87 miles.

And finally B.Bottke. He rode 127.58 and drove 100.4 miles.

I think we're all gearing up for this week to be any interesting one with the weather not being as pleasant as last week and with Bottke having Spring Break I'm sure he'll be throwing down for not only the regular challenge but also the month challenge to 500 miles between himself and Geoff. Looks like both will be gunning to complete that challenge by weeks end. Too bad no one put up anything besides bragging rights =)

1 comment:

bluecolnago said...

yeah, but you still have the biggest slice of the blue pie! for now. ;)