Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Night Time is the Right Time

....to get in a few extra miles. Last night was just one of those nights that I didn't want to get off the bike. Leaving work I was happy to find that my legs finally felt like the lead was out of them and I could pedal my bike again. Figuring on a longer than usual commute I switched my light onto its lowest beam setting and headed out towards Ada and EGR to rack up a little extra saddle time. After riding out to Ada I did the obligitory lap around Reeds Lake where I was greeted by a rain/snow mix, I somehow managed to stay warm and dare I say have fun in the wet and cold conditions including a few miles big ringing it down Lake Dr. catching and passing cars with a big grin on my face. All in all I ended up with a little under 37 miles in about 2 hours for a decent ride. Hopefully I can have more rides like last night and fewer where I end up shivering and miserable like Saturday.


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