Monday, March 3, 2008


Got out for my maiden voyage of 2008 aboard the systemsix yesterday.  Temps were in the mid-40s and the roads were completely clear, except for this one guy who decided to shovel all of the ice off his driveway into the street.  One thing I was out to find out on this ride is if all those seemingly pointless hours on the rollers over the winter paid off, and they most certainly did. I had a great ride and felt better than ever on a bike.  I was a little pressed for time so I was going to maybe shoot for 15 miles and call it a day.  Once I got out I couldn't stop and ended up logging about 30 miles making it home right before the precipitation began and only making me a half hour late to where I had to go. . .
Of course today we have ice and snow again, but at least we are on the right path towards springtime.  I guess my challenge for the month is to get 500 outdoor miles in regardless of weather and not counting commuting.  I will let you know how far short of that I fall :-)

Back to its resting place atop the rollers hoping for another nice day and maybe a longer ride next time.


GBK said...

B. After getting in 30 or so miles outside on Sunday I feel like I am starting off March in a positive light and would like to propose a challenge as the blog's new guy. A race to 500 miles perhaps? Wager? Let me know what you think.


b said...

Im down.