Friday, March 21, 2008

My Dilemma

This is the radar that I just woke up to. The white stuff, not clouds, yes, you are correct it's snow. also has a 'Snow Advisory' for Kent county.

Now, this wouldn't be an issue if I had the Ferrous built up and at my house. Out of all my bikes here at the house, I don't have any with any knobs on them and being that living in Michigan where rubbing is racing on and off the track, I know that people are going to freak out today once it starts.

It looks as if the snow will start light when I normally leave for my commute when I go in at 10 and then progressively get more and more as my commute home at 6 would start.

Dang it! I've got about 30 minutes before I need to make to decision, we'll see. Any thoughts?

UPDATE: Geoff rode in. It has already begun as a bad day with that fact.


bluecolnago said...

what would bottke do? :)

a.lo said...

bottke would fall on the ice.

b said...

and get up, get back on, and not be a wuss about it!

i drove to work today by the way :-) but after a windy road ride