Monday, March 10, 2008

2008's First Ride.

Well, that's right folks, after much slacking, 69 days worth actually, I finally got on the bike. Even if the challenge wasn't starting today I would have, there is just so much talking, thinking, wrenching on bikes before it pushes you to get off the rear and ride. Ted has another excellent post on commuting today, and like he so often does, once he says some thing it's truth, gospel truth, and unfortunately I believe he proves it once again.

As far as my ride goes, it was great. A simple 11 mile loop of sorts starting at my house, heading downtown then over to eastown for some Yesterdog goodness. Which was well worth it, because it a moment of utter stupidity I forgot to eat while I was packing things up before the ride and so my body decided to remind me that it was in control. Here are a few other things I learned or was reminded of:

- A 52x18 gear ratio on a fixie is nice [Thank you R2 for that, I traded a Xbox for this fixie]... for cruising around on flat surfaces, or at the end of the year when your legs are good not for a first ride with hills.
- Fixies do perform well on/through snow. I am the guy who will often coast when going through some thing sketchy, on a fixie of course this is not possible. But to my delight, the I actually felt as though I had more control when going through stuff, and not my typical bracing for ;impact feeling' I get when I go through things.
- Taking a picture while riding is as dangerous as attempting to text message while driving. My hat goes off to all of you who have perfected the art but I have to ask, how many times have you dropped the camera?

Regardless, it has begun. I'm excited.


bluecolnago said...

wrist strap, no droppie.... :)

a.lo said...

Well of course =)... but then where do you put it? I tried stuffing it up my sleeve but it just wanted to fall out... I still don't trust myself with no hands on the fixie to put it in my jersey pocket; oh the stress =) Long time Blue, hope you're doing great!

bluecolnago said...

i'm doing just fine. sitting back and getting fat over the winter, gotta love that!

i haven't ridden a fixie since i was about 3....

jersey pocket. you loop your hand through the camera strap as you take it out of your pocket. piece of cake!

stay upright!

Ryan said...

AWFUL mistake on my part, I will have another some day!