Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 days down.

The car hasn't moved in 3 days and put about 35 or so miles on the bike. Yeah, a low number compared to the other guys but remember, for me, it's about commuting and regular transportation. I'm banking on a high percentage since I have already begun being more careful in my planning of trips. I must be honest though, I moved the devil beast [i.e. the car] a good 12 feet so that it didn't block my roommates ability to park in certain spots at the casa.

Tonight was the first night that I had to bust out the lights and amazing no problems with them or with traffic. I did have a close call though with some black ice. Never encountered it before, only the regular kind =), but with just a simple Cateye EL-500 for a light [which does a great job for the price point but just discovered they don't make anymore when looking for a link...] I never saw it coming. There is one portion of my ride home that is a nice climb. Nothing flashy but one which being that I'm on the Le Tour, I get out of the saddle to climb. About half way up, the front wheel decides to do it's own thing and fly to the left.

Odd. Somehow I was able to save it, I make no great claim as to how it was possible but it worked out.

The last 2 days I've been using an old pair of Bottke's Eggbeater pedals and the first few rides they have been good. Although it's an old set, I think it's still worthy of a review. Watch for it tomorrow!

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