Friday, March 21, 2008

What Dilemma?

I woke up to see the same radar map that A.Lo did, only I have lost faith in the weathermen around here and thought there is no way we get a couple inches of snow. On top of that I figured there was no way I was going to drive in and give A.Lo the satisfaction of seeing me wuss out on what could be a mild day. I am not sure mild is the best way to describe today's weather. It started snowing lightly about noon and by 5 O'clock I had several people either offer me a ride or tell me I was crazy to try and ride in what had turned into about 3 inches of snow and slick roads. For a while I doubted myself, but was relieved when I remembered my brand spanking new Gary Fisher Rig sat waiting for its maiden voyage. After swapping my pedals and lights it was time to take to the roads, I was hoping that A.Lo's cell phone pics would work out but they came through a bit small. All in all it wasn't a bad commute the snow in my face was a bit annoying, and at times made seeing difficult but I beat feet for the rail trail and then managed to keep it up right on the rutted ice covered by snow trail until I got close to home where I hooked up with my normal route home and made it home safely. I am not sure I could fully appreciate the new G2 handling of the Rig, but I do love the bike. The debate now is whether or not to do it all over again in the morning or wuss out and drive the car. Hmmm...I better get my clothing dried out.


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a.lo said...

Pictures too small? Well, at least I have a camera... ON MY CELL PHONE! =)