Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Love Story.

I think we can all relate to this story... thinking back on past loves or even those what-could-have-beens, remembering how beautiful and charming he or she were. Some times crossing our minds, if time has treaded them well or some times hoping it hasn't. Then out of the blue, the stars align and paths cross, and the unfortunate occurs...

Time has in fact treated them well; they still look great and are just as charming, if not more, than our memories have served us.

This is a similar feeling and encounter I had with my Lemond Poprad this past Saturday. I had relegated this beauty to the pages of Craigslist in order to rid myself of it because I was hard seeing it sitting in the corner day after day as I rode all of my other bikes. It had always been one of my favorite bikes but I was always a bit afraid to leave it sit around when out and about.

But with my legs being completely shot since Tuesday, under the advice of Geoff of either stop riding [a ploy I'm sure only to strengthen his lead] or switch over from the fixie to a geared bike to give my knees a break. It was harder than I'd like to admit to not ride the fixie because I fact I do love riding it, for reasons I can't fully explain. Although after my trip on the Poprad Saturday, it makes parting ways with it even harder. I had forgotten how much paring a steel frame with a carbon front fork and seat post and running 32's instead of 28's [because I refuse to ride anything below a 28 but that's whole other rant for a rainy day] make for such a great ride. And yes, I'll concede the fact that 32's roll a little slower but for a comfortable commute where no one is trying to set records for time; it's hard to argue against them.

Even though, my love for the Poprad was rekindled I am afraid that it was more of a brief reunion than a long term commitment. Only time will tell.

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GBK said...

32's....I guess I just prefer my 700c love interests to be a bit more on the petite side. Something more like a 23 or a 25 if I am slumming it and want easy rolling. I couldn't resist enjoy your rediscovered love interest.