Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 No Drive, Just Ride Challenge.

In an attempt to make this look official for the 3 of us, here's what I got, feel free to join us in the challenge although only Geoff, Brian and myself are eligible for the season prize [due simply to the fact that we all know each other]:

The Rules for this years 2008 No Drive, Just Ride Competition are as follow:

1) Ride whenever possible.
2) a. Mileage will be tracked. Each of you will be responsible to sending Adam each Monday this information concerning the prior week: Miles on Bike, Miles driving car alone, & Miles driven with multiple passengers [Figured by taking the miles traveled divided by the number of passengers in vehicle. ] No need to count miles when the passenger. If unsure of distance, please use google maps or, it is critical that we keep track of miles so that we can accurately tell who is the winner
b. Weekly progress will be posted on the blogs right hand sidebar.
3) Although we do not discourage indoor riding, these miles do not count. All miles must take place where the rubber hits the road.
4) Monthly challenges will be impromptu through discussion and smack given the blog/shop. These are more for personal bragging rights and does not need to have a prize
5) Determining the winner: This is based solely on percentage of bike miles vs. car miles, in the event of a tie the rider with the most miles on the bike would be considered the winner.
6) Each rider will contribute at least one post per week to the blog. This can be a simple recap or even a review on product that the rider is using during competition.
7) Competition dates Monday, March 10th, 2008 through Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Prize: The Twin Six Crumpler messenger bag paid for by other riders [cost is split between losing riders], in the event the winner does not want this prize another item will be selected of equal or lesser value by the winner. As stated before, monthly challenges do not need to have prizes although they will not be discouraged if riders want to put up items.

If you agree please send confirmation along with current mileage on your car.

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