Wednesday, February 4, 2009

World Commute

A few days ago I stumbled onto the World Commute website. It's a self-proclaimed 'social networking' site, which we all know we need more of to really change to world. With that aside I do like a lot of the features that they have. It reminds me of Commute by Bike's gas savings calculator but with a heck of a lot more features... their site states that 'Each time a member signs on to World Commute, real time distance traveled, money and gas saved, pollution off-set and health points will be displayed.'

Now, I don't know exactly what 'health points' are but I want to win. Wait... is all I win better health? Shrug.

All kidding aside, this seems to be a great way of getting pretty accurate readouts of savings... in the pocket book, on the waste, and for the world. I'd hope they have some form of interactive bar that I could post on the sidebar here but I have yet to see if they have one made.