Thursday, February 26, 2009

I like the new Lance

Hi my name is Geoff, and I like Lance Armstrong. Don't judge me for it please, I wasn't ever really a "Lance fan" while he was winning 7 tours, he was too calculated and going to win it every year. In fact I would go as far as to say I pulled for the other guys and didn't follow Lance, I watched bike racing. I like the underdog, but I also like the style and panache of Cipo and Cav' the riders that say what they think and have a personality. "No gifts" was a cool slogan, but it was to clean cut, pushing the liveclean devil into a snowbank that's what I am looking for! On top of that I love that fact that he remembers not only the riders that have offended him and calls them out, but isn't afraid to butt heads with mouthy journalists. The clip below is great simply because he confirms the guys indentity and then just unloads. Hopefully we see some fireworks from Lance all year, I am hoping for an appearance in La Doyenne.

P.S. This being said I don't condone doping, Marco and Tyler were fun to watch, especially Tyler gritting out that long TdF stage win all dinged up, they were memorable perhaps because of their extra help.