Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Project Number 298,754,208,975,209,487,520,987,520,948,725,049,873

Yep... that many... that's more than the proposed bailout I'm pleased to note. But this project is under wraps for now. Although some of you might know what it is, please, let it wait... since the unique-ness of this project makes it ultra SA-weeeet!

Let's just say as a hint... all you early [late 2004] Kerkove/G-Ted/Europa crew comment-ers old LOW will like this one. But those of you who still have no idea... a teaser picture...

I rode it into work today, it was great. I did have to ditch my commuter bag, BD2 for the old Timbuk2 because I had to carry my laptop which is not that great since my messenger bag isn't padded neither for my Apple or for my back. I really can't wait to get my hands on one of the BC3's... Looks to be the perfect bag for my intended use, and honestly the Flink Link is hands down maybe one of the most brilliant features on bags since well... straps. The water resistance, size and I'm crossing my fingers a pouch for the laptop [it's hard to say since, all the site mentions is it '...can carry your gear on an overnight mountain bike trip or your office clothes and laptop on an everyday commute' make it an extremely attractive item. Which just gets me excited since sure my Timbuk2 was customized, in their early days they didn't have any way for padding for laptops or dividers between things and really doesn't conform well to the body with more rigid items in it. And yes, I will concede that they are messenger bags first and foremost and not necessarily for commuting. Blah, that doesn't mean I can't still wish and desire.


Ryan said...

Oh man I can't wait for this!

bluecolnago said...

is that the monkey?