Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On a Fixie: A Case for the Deep V

The wheel: A breathtaking invention that changed the world.
Velocity Deep V: Probably the most kick-butt wheel on the market.

With that being said, I figured it would be about time to jump back into our On A Fixie series with a look at the ever so popular Deep V.

Friday afternoon-my day off of work, mind you-I found myself at the shop building my new wheel set for my fixie with John, our in-house wheel guru. I decided for my new wheel set that I would go with a set of Electric Blue Velocity Deep V's, White DT Swiss spokes, and some white Origin 8 sealed track hubs. The results were very kick-butt, if I may say so.

Awesome? You can admit it.

Anyway. The reason that I decided to go with the Deep V is simple. Although they're pretty heavy, on a fixie, lighter weight shouldn't be your first goal. Durability of the components should be first, then weight can follow...and as far as the durability of the Deep V goes, they're practically bulletproof. I've seen them missing a spoke and less than 1mm out of true, if you need a personal example.

The bling factor is another plus of this wheel set. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can choose a machined sidewall or a non machined sidewall, depending on if you run one, two, or no brakes. If you're like me (and a.lo...and R2...) then you have the very annoying curse called "wanting everything on your bike to match a certain paint scheme," and therefore...these wheels are perfect for you. You can even get Gold, like Michelle plans to do.

There IS a reason why Deep V's are so popular. They're bulletproof, and very colorful.

So get yours today!


Ryan said...

Stupid colors and needing to match, it is just a pain in the butt! (but I still have to do it)

a.lo said...

matching guy!

bluecolnago said...