Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DIY: Simple Parts Organization

This past January, I headed home for annual pilgrimage back to the homeland known as Iowa. It's an interesting land, full of great folk, corn and in the winter and a little thing called wind chill. If you're not from the plain states you have no real idea what I'm talking about but that's a whole other conversation and discussion for another day.

I went back to celebrate New Years with old friends and late Christmas with the family. Since graduating college, Christmas and birthday gifts have grown more and more practical. Gone are the days of giving parents lists of wants when needs are much more appreciated.

Because of that my parents living 7 hours away, had no real idea what I needed. They couldn't go with the safe bet of gift certificates and so instead they asked what I would like, out of that I was able to score a nice little boot and mitten/glove thermal drier and two very unique gifts: a used tackle box [that Stan-Lo [my father] had recently gotten at a garage sale] and two Rubbermaid tubs.

Like many I have a problem when it comes to my bikes and bike parts in general. I've learned from the best, G-ted, and save just about everything that goes through the shop that might be considered 'trash'. Because of that the amount of small spacers, washers, nuts, bolts, remaining parts of bar tape, and so on has grown and grown. The organization it once had was simply random paper bags. Talking this over with Stan-Lo, he showed me how he uses a tackle box for his random nuts and bolts for his custom carpentry/handy man business. It's brilliant. Something you might even find here.

As you can see, I'm pretty much organized now. From zip ties to master links, they all have their proper place, easily assessable and found without hassle or bigger mess that often occurred when looking for other parts, large and small, and it's super portable. The two Rubbermaid containers where used for the bigger parts: seats, seatposts, handlebars, cranks, and the like.

The man-cave, the lab, the shop, really I have no creative name for my space yet. But it's clean now...



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