Thursday, October 9, 2008

winter bike.

Yep. I'm at it again. Another bike, this time, a winter bike. A frame brought to you by G-Ted [so long ago he probably forgot about it]. When I received it, someone before Ted had tried to weld on brake mounts [they didn't work] and so I removed them shortly after getting the frame around 2 years ago, if not longer. Since I had hooked Bottke up with the 1x1 frame and I had sold the Soho, I had a few parts laying around. I decided not long ago that riding Red through the winter wasn't going to be an option that meant buy a new bike or make due with what I had laying around.

Well $40 later and a few extra hours at the shop assembling, I had myself my winter bike. She isn't pretty but she works. The frame geometry on it sets me back so where I can get proper extension but reach the ground with more foot [similar to the flat foot designed bikes]. I'll be putting some studded tires on it once the season officially changes but for now.

She's done, ugly but practical.

Any idea on a name?


bluecolnago said...

ugly my ass..... she's HOT!!!!! good on ya, buddy!

GBK said...
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The Jackal said...

Ergon equipped cruiser....nice.

bluecolnago said...

a name..... hmmmmm.....

the beautiful beeotch.

that's what i'd call her.