Monday, October 20, 2008

Recap: Saturday Night Ride.

Recap: It got cold, we only road the 1/2 marathon, I brought a camera...

Geoff, aka the bearded wonder, seemed to think that lyrca was the way to go for this ride. I guess that happens when you're big time.

Attempting the Kerkove shot. Still not good, it seems to me that either I get a lot of my face or my shoulder. R2 was in prime form...

As the previous shot shows, R2 could ride. Granted he was on his fixie w/o brakes but let's just say quick turns, big hills or stops... not his favorite. At least Saturday night.

... it was a fun ride. None of us, besides Mark, were really prepared for the cool that came after night fall. Although for the first half of the ride, for sure, Bill and R2 get award for the most entertaining. From a bit of a navigational issue [which I still blame the lack of a solid map and poor marking of the course] to Tom and R2's race up a hill only to then have to make their way back down without brakes [Sorry no picture of that, we were trying to figure out where we were going] to then getting to have a few deer cross our paths, the ride was a success in my mind.

I'm thoroughly convinced that I could take a person with nominal interest in cycling, take them on a casual group ride and most would be hooked. There is just some thing in cruising around with friends that you can't beat. Can't wait for next time.

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Lee Chien said...

wow.. you're bike lover!!!