Tuesday, October 14, 2008

quote of the day.

'Holy S%!#... That's a bike'

On my ride home last night I encountered two guys walking out of their house, for some reason one of them had a flashlight, they waited patiently for me to pass by... as I crossed there path, I hear 'Holy S%!#... That's a bike'. Now, granted I was on the winter bike and anyone who encounters such a thing of beauty is often awestruck, often unable to complete full sentences... I would like to accredit this response to that. The unfortunate reality being that it was dark enough to not get a 'glimpse of the divine' [not me remember, the bike] but rather my killer Light and Motion Solo Logic Li-ion front light. This has been my main light for commuting and night rides for this last season after upgrading from the EL-500 and Ion 6. This rechargeable light is no longer available since Light and Motion has since redesigned their lights.

It boasts:
_ 3 cell Lithium ion Battery
_ 3 power settings
:: 13.0 watt - 390 lumens - 1.5 hr run time
:: 10.0 watt - 250 lumens - 3.0 hr run time
:: 6.0 watt - 120 lumens - 4.0 hr run time
_ 4 hour Turbo Charger

The Seca 400 would probably be it's replacement, with quite a few upgrades.

Anyways. I can not stress the importance of a strong light for night rides, especially in the urban assault favoring. I have taken a few words to heart from my early years at Europa with local legend Clay... That being, don't assume cars see you, ride like you're not. He took this to heart going as far to wearing all black at night [and yes, I often follow in his footsteps with this approach]. This mindset shouldn't be just for at night but also implemented during the day but with bike light technology continually improving, there is no reason if you are spending any measurable time riding in the dark to invest in a solid, rechargeable light system.

Sure, the upfront cost can scare you away... but with the ease of use, not having to hassle with purchasing/replacing batteries, and truly helping you not only be seen but see is huge. So thank you Mr. 'Holy... it's a bike' man... you have reassured me once again that my light is necessary and justified.

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bluecolnago said...

so, a penlight clamped between your teeth doesn't count as appropriate night lighting?

i'm with ya on the lighting. see and be seen!