Monday, October 20, 2008

Pay it forward.

If you're at all close to me, you might already know this... and yes, I do to find it mildly difficult to talk about it because I don't like making a big deal about it. But when I have friends who I am very close and care about, I often to whatever I can to show them a little love. Bottke would be one of those people, much like a brother I often forget that he is a few years younger than me. There is just a massive amount of respect I have for him, the way he lives his life, the intentionality of even the words he uses. There is just so much I could go on saying. Let's just there is a bit of 'Guy Love'...

Anyways. The picture at the top is of Summer, Brian's lovely wife and their new Xtracycle. They've been talking for a few months about getting one but didn't have a frame for it to go on. Fortunately, I was in a position where I could share the love, if you will, and hook him up with a frame. That's right, it's the old 1x1 frame... the frame that's made it around Europa [Vance to Carl to Kerkove to Me to now B.]. I don't how many frames and/or bikes that have made it's way to B. but each have always been given with the stipulation that if you decide to get rid of one you must spread to love and pass it on. I do believe that one single speed is in Chicago now, via the Twin Cities, and another is making it's way around the Cedar Valley.

So I guess tonight, I'm writing to say... Share the love.

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bluecolnago said...

good on ya, a.lo! :)