Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new Rig.

So I did it.

I got a cross bike, A 2006 Cannondale Cyclocross Optimo 3. Since switching over to the new shop, this bike had caught my eye and seemed to be the right fit for what my needs/wants were for a TransIowa bike and whatever else I decide to throw at it. This time, unlike with my old Poprad, I went the 'traditional' route in sizing a CX bike. I went with a 56.

I have already changed out the seat to a B17 and re-wrapped the handlebars with the tan tape for a little sweetness.
The overall fit of the bike seems to be dialed, some minor adjustments with the stem length and handlebar placement and I'm off. The only thing I might debate changing is the crank, but that is a long time coming and right now would be more to have a full Shimano drivetrain than anything else.

Now that I have the bike, I just need to decide if I'm going to a Kisscross event this Sunday.


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Very nice, good to see it as part of your stabble.