Monday, October 27, 2008


Now. I highly recommend that you click on the 'manifesto' above to get clear understanding of what I'm writing about tonight. You might have noticed this little icon on the right side of the page for some time, hardly readable [somewhat intentionally so...]. This came out of a little brainstorming between myself and Tom. Tom, a college student, former co-worker, hipster to some, ladies man to others, all around great guy, was telling me about a discussion he and his roommate were having about this idea of 'no drive, just ride.' and they jokingly started talking about a rant or manifesto talking about this. Now, don't hold me that what I just wrote as being the whole story; what I do know is that we [Tom and I] were talking about this and later that night I emailed Tom my thoughts. With some correction of my poor English and grammar, Tom through this all together.

I think it's good, maybe should be a t-shirt.

*Note: I just realized that there are some grammatical errors in the 'manifesto'. This soon will be corrected.


Michelle said...
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F2 said...

very sweet.

i realize my level of "cheese" yet i say this in all seriousness:
.your 'manifesto' is inspiring.