Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Saturday Ride.

That's right boys and girls. Last minute I know but we're making it a regular thing and unfortunately I've been putting a few things on the back burner lately. Such as: updating the website, posting, explaining the new logo and manifesto, the birthing of t-shirt line [yep, I just put that out there] and a few other things I have up my sleeve.

But as always for the ride. Meet at Founders, come for food and drink at 5:30p tomorrow night, then head out around 6:30p for a little ride around town. Last week, I forgot my digital camera and had to take this photo with my mobile [as I've noticed more GR folk calling it now, might as well hop on that train]. 6 people, great times, nice little ride north then to Calvin, then back to Founders. 2-2.5 hour ride. Easy pace, good times.

More this weekend I promise.

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