Friday, April 25, 2008

Yankee Springs TT

Last Sunday started off the the race season for me, and was a great weekend to be on the bike. Saturday I drove to out to Yankee to get in one last pre-ride only to discover they were going to run the race backwards. I tried to control my nerves after the practice lap as any advantage Wednesday's laps would have given me were long gone and it was a "new" trail. Yankee is and interesting start to the season as it is a TT and therefore a lot of the elite riders race the elite class and the singlespeed class making a good placing difficult to come by, and this only made my nerves worse. I woke up early Sunday and rode to the shop to meet Jim, the ride loosened up my legs and I felt good. At Yankee we stopped by to see Mike, the Michigan Trek/Fisher/Bontrager rep, and the Trek demo bus. It was pretty cool to see all the bikes getting ridden around and JJ even scored a Superfly to "demo" for the race. After doing 4 laps of the 2 mile warm up course I spun around the dirt roads and showed up about 10 minutes early to my 11:51 start time to get a little stretching in. The only problem was start times were all snafued and as soon as I got to the start chute I was told most of the Expert/Elite Singlespeeds had already gone out and I had to chase through the Sport/Beginner riders. Adrenaline kicked in instantly and I left the start house on fire praying that I could stay away from the 2 or 3 Expert/Elite riders behind me. After hammering for the first 2 miles or so I settled in and concentrated on recovering as much as possible on downhills, riding the flats steady, and killing the hills. A few hike a bikes due to slower traffic elevated the heart rate left me feeling crappy. I wasn't sure how well the race was going but every rider I passed spurred me on and every rider I could catch a glimpse of needed to be chased down. Coming into the last gravely turn my wheel started to break loose a bit and I thought I was going to lose it on the home stretch but somehow managed to drift left and right before bringing it under control and hammering across the line. I had no idea how my time had compared but after seeing a sub 49 minute lap I felt confident I had pushed hard and could only wait until the results were posted. My 48:47 ended up being good enough for 2nd place making it my best finish ever in the singlespeed class and leaving me wanting more. Fort Custer is only a week and change away, and a few new additions have made their way onto the Rig. Carbon cranks and Ergon Grips...mmmmmm. I probably should have cleaned my basement instead of playing with my bike but Adam had his camera at work and doing housework is lame.



a.lo said...

and it's not like you have anyone to impress being that you're married to your bike =)

devin said...

do they send the single speeds out with the expert/elite? or is it all one bunch? Good job spinning the legs.

GBK said...

Normally the singlespeeds go out after the sport riders. It would be pretty nice if they went out after the expert class although this would keep some of the elites from being able to race 2 races at time trials.