Thursday, April 3, 2008


It looks like spring is finally arriving. Yesterday was warm enough for leg warmers and a wind vest, I still wore heavy tights and a light jacket which resulted in a 3.5 hour sweat session that left me feeling like I had ridden on a sweltering summer day. Despite being overdressed it felt good to get out to the short steep hills of the Ada/Lowell area to test the legs a bit. With the miles piling up and the first race looming I am growing impatient. I am impatient to get my wheels into the dirt and impatient to pin on a number, but most of all I am impatient to feel the exhilaration that comes from competition whether I podium or end up as pack fodder I love the oxygen deprived feeling of a hard race, although a good finish does help. This year is definitely different as I have more motivation to show up ready to go later this month and I crossing my fingers and toes that I will find my legs by time I line up for Yankee. In addition to the MMBA CPS series and a fair amount of road races I hope to get out to the Milk Jug Racing series. Raymond puts on a good low key race series that is casual and nice primer for bigger races. One of my favorites was when Raymond started us straight up the ski hill at Cannonsburg and I turned what I thought was to big of a gear into a big gap at the top. After the climb I sat up to recover and was joined by Tommy Hahn, a teammate and all around swell guy, we ended up finish one, two for a good day. I'll leave you with a pic from the top of the ski hill.(A.Lo claims to need pictures to understand my posts) 17 days until racing begins until then lots of miles and hopefully this years first century are on tap and hopefully we get more of the sunshine and I can break out my knee warmers and start on my super sweet bike tan.


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