Monday, April 28, 2008

Red, world. World, Red.

Yep, that's right folks... she lives. FINALLY!!! The new fixie, and yep, I named her Red. And no the curtains don't match the carpet.

After casing the front wheel and bending/possibly cracking the frame of the classic that Bottke and I built. I was forced to move up the build time of the Orbit frame, from now on referred to as Red, the Jackal hooked me up with. I also got a new rim for the front wheel and transfered hub and spokes over from the thrashed one and we were in business.

Red's rear wheel is tucked in more than my previous fixies. Which did make for a challenge on getting proper chain tension but got that dialed after I had to get a new chain. I also got a new bottom bracket, crank, seatpost, headset and stem for this build. I'm taking the risk that the handlebars are fine after the crash.

After a quick spin around the block, Red rides like a dream and I believe I am the first person EVER to ride it, crazy since it's from the early 90's. She has got a longer top tube and stem than what I've run before but put me into a great riding position. I'm a little nervous about the front rim still because I've never laced a rim before and spoke tension seems a bit weak and I've still got a few little hops.

I plan on riding Red into work tomorrow, hopefully every works great and the wheel settles in. I'm assuming I'll have to do some fine tuning to it but she'll do fine.

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