Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

I couldn't have asked for a better day off, temps in the 70's and only a few clouds in the sky. Normally this would be a day for an epic road ride but today I was on a mission to get used to the new mountain bike, so I headed out to Yankee Springs to scout this weekends course and dial in the new ride a bit. I was beyond impressed with the G2 geometry, it's true I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago and am a true believer in big wheels and Fisher bikes, but I try not to let that cloud my judgment. I never had a complaint about how my G1 29er handled and while I am not exactly a pro when it comes to the tight stuff the bike didn't seem to make things worse. The new Rig just seems to be intuitive. After shaking the cobwebs out and remembering what it is like to ride singletrack at a decent pace I found myself settling in and approaching corners with more confidence and speed, although I did find my sliding a bit in some corners as Yankee starts to become a sandbox about 10 seconds after it actually drys up. After doing 3 of the 11 mile laps and bettering last years TT time by about 1.5 minutes I decided to hang it up for the day and get to the errands I had to run. I headed back to GR and parked my car at my parents house and walked the not quite 2 miles to the bank and hit up a few other errands by foot on the way back. I never realized how many trips are within a 2 mile trip until this months challenge, in the past it was normal to hop in my car drive up to Knapp's Corner do my banking, get a haircut, or grab a bite to eat and then head back, that has all changed now. My little bro Jake came along to keep me company, afterwards we played some catch to get him ready for coach pitch baseball that is starting up and then it was time to head home. One of my better days off in a long time, and not just because of the weather, it was great to hang out with the little brothers and attend a family dinner again. Racing this weekend the question is to ergon or not to ergon. Adam and knows this fine gentleman and has convinced me to ditch my ESI grips and test out a pair of these, I just don't think I dare do it with only one chance to ride the bike before the race. Only time will tell, have a good one.


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a.lo said...

Trust me... the green kool-aid goes down even smoother...