Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Riding for Water

There are roughly 6 billion people in the world.
1 billion of them do not have access to clean drinking water.
20% of the world, consumes 86% of it's resources.
There are 2.2 billion kids in the world
of those 2.2 billion kids half of them, a billion of them, live in poverty. 
I don't know your worldview,
I don't know your perspective,
your background,
or your religion
but that is not right.
[taken from Rob Bell's 20 Liters Vimeo]

In the spirit of No Drive, I will be joining with students and volunteers I work with at Anthem at Mars to raise funding for the organization 20 Liters to help provide clean water for those living in Rwanda by commuting by bike for the next 4 weeks.

From today until December 9th, I will be commuting regardless of weather via bicycle to and from school (roughly a 4.8 mile round trip) along with commuting once from Holland, Michigan to Grandville, Michigan on a Sunday evening (tentatively December 9th) for Anthem programing.

As luck would have it, my proposed mileage totals nearly 140 miles and my goal is to raise $140.00 which will provide clean drinking water for 10 years to 7 people or 1 family in Rwanda.  To put it simply:

140 miles = $140.00 = Clean drinking water for 7 people or 1 family

For more information or to donate please visit my page on 20 Liters. I also will be updating here and via my Twitter (@adamlorenz and #ndjr20liters) on milage and stories during the upcoming weeks.

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