Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NDJR/20 Liters: Bonus Miles


You might have been wondering my absence from updating on my progress with my 20 liters challenge. I neglected to mention that this week, I have Thanksgiving break from school. Meaning obviously I wouldn't be commuting everyday but that this has been factored into my mileage.

Today, I decided to head into one of the local coffee shops to get a little writing done; also it would allow me to do some fine tuning on my touring bike which I hope to use for the trip to Mars in December to cap off the fundraising.

My Voyageur in many ways has been cursed ever since I finished 'restoring' it. Soon after getting it together and installing a fender set on the bike, I was riding home when the rear derailleur was thrown into the wheel on a climb - leaving it in pieces. Since then the new derailleur has been loose along with threads on the hanger being close to stripped making shifting a struggle and trusting putting any force on pedals. After some tinkering, I believe that I had it all dialed.

Links shouldn't bend.

On my trip back from writing, I was crossing the busiest road on the commute and suddenly the slight clicks I was hearing earlier but ignored made sense as the my chain proceeded to break. Fortunately, without any issues I kept the bike upright and was able to coast into a parking lot to discover the mess.

A beautiful day for a ride... and a walk
After walking home and getting the bike in the stand, I was able to discover that the hanger is pretty much toast and the chain was salvageable. Fortunately, I was able to find a potential replacement part for it and hopefully I'll be able to get every thing together or move to plan B for a bike to use in December.


Totals so far:
Miles today: 3.4 miles
Overall miles: 23.8 miles

Thank you for reading and supporting No Drive and 20 Liters. I'd love to have you join with me in bringing clean water to those in need.


140mi = $140 = 10 yrs of clean water for 7 people or 1 family $1 sponsors a mile, do so by clicking here.

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