Monday, December 3, 2012

NDJR/20 Liters: Pardon my Absence

DAYS 7,8, &  9 - Pardon my Absence.

When I decided to take on this challenge, it was simple - Ride. Ride 140 miles regardless of weather, raise $1 a mile and give a family access to clean drinking water for 10 years.

With classes for this semester hitting their final push and responsibilities at Mars, I have been running at a rather high capacity and as it normally does - my body does not enjoy this time of year and often pulls me out of commission for a morning or day.

In the most recent case, it was both - last Thursday for the morning and all day Friday. Because of this I was left to choose either letting my body rest and not ride or ride and risk getting worse. I choose to refrain from riding.

Which left me with things to think about and ask myself concerning why I was riding.  As it goes, the question that came to mind is how could I ask others to support this cause financially and not do so myself.  Was I really willing to put my money where my mouth was?

The answer was yes.

Was giving $20 difficult? Yes and no, given being full-time in grad school and not currently having a paying gig - money is tight. Every dime is being counted and going towards some thing. Yet, because I am not driving as much as I normally would 'extra' money began to show itself and the choice became clear.

Giving even a $1 or the $3 you might spend on a latte in the morning has the ability to change a life if we are willing to 'sacrifice' just a little.

Will you join me?

Fortunately, today I was able to get back on the bike today and enjoy this extremely warm/misty weather we are currently experiencing here in West Michigan. It's strange reducing layers at this point of the year.

Totals to date:

Miles today: 4.8 miles
Overall miles: 44 miles

Sponsor a mile. Change a life. Donate here.

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