Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NDJR/20 Liters: Day 12

DAY 12 -

Snow finally arrived in Holland but nothing to go home about. As the day progressed and the sun came out, much of the snow melted away besides a little on the grass. What was on the pavement during the day was the crunchy, not slippery kind so there was nothing to worry.

I was able to be the Cannondale switch back over to all it's glory (meaning, minus the rack) and then simply do a mini-tune-up on it to make sure everything was dialed.

The simple joys of working on a bike.

Nothing special to report today other than with today's miles I cross into the hundreds!


Totals to date:
Miles today: 4.8 miles

Overall miles: 103.4 miles

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