Saturday, December 8, 2012

NDJR/20 Liters: Prep


Tomorrow, I ride from my home in Holland to Mars Hill in Grandville - 35.4 miles round trip.  I stated upon starting this campaign that I would commute regardless of weather to 140 total miles. You might remember that this trip into Grandville was suppose to conclude the campaign, but due to my gorilla math and not factoring in a week off for Thanksgiving and being sick - the roughly 40 remaining miles will be ridden in the following days.

Well, tomorrow calls for 70% chance of precipitation - yes, that means snow and rain. But the temperature in Holland is not suppose to go below freezing, although in Grandville is it will be a few degrees cooler.

This all means that I needed to seriously consider whether to switch wheelsets over to my knobby 'cross tires or stick with my slicks. The dilemma was simple - knobby tires will work better in snow, slicks often better on ice.  I've landed on knobby and will play around with tire pressure. I also installed a rack onto the rocketship for the sole purpose of carrying on of the 20 liter jerry cans on it to help promote and hopefully help answer the question running through every rider on the highway that passes of 'Why are they riding/on this road in December?'

Since winter decided to finally show up here in West Michigan I fished out all my gear and prepared for layers.  Which go as followed:

_ Long Sleeve Baselayer
_ Short Sleeve Jersey
_ Fisher Long Sleeve Wool Jersey
_ Cannondale Jacket, with detachable sleeves and will start out as vest.

_ Tights
_ Chrome Knickers
_ Wool Socks
_ Shoe covers

I'm also going to run 2 front headlights for my return trip in the evening and 4 rear taillights so hopefully I'll be seen.  It should be an exciting day! Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for posts along the way at @adamlorenz or #ndjr20liters.

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Totals to date:

Overall miles: 63.2 miles

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